Listen, Fight and Grow a Thick Skin: Ms. Talks to Texas Writer-Activist Jessica Luther

Jessica Luther is a fierce feminist writer and reproductive rights activist from Austin, TX, who most recently helped rally the feminist army (both in Texas and on social media) to protest anti-abortion bill H.B. 2. She is a dynamic presence in the feminist blogosphere, tweeting from @scATX and has published her writings in The Guardian, The Atlantic, […]

Katarina Witt: Diplomatic On And Off The Ice

As part of their Nine for IX series, ESPN aired the new documentary The Diplomat last week, featuring figure-skating icon Katarina Witt. The film traces the career and legacy of the back-to-back Olympic Gold medal-winner from East Germany, placing her achievements on the ice in the context of Cold War politics. At a time when sports […]

Shame on Huma-Shaming

New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner has once again found himself in the spotlight for sending sexts and explicit photos to women, under the alias “Carlos Danger.” Post-revelations, however, the media tired of discussing the former Congressman and instead moved to the women involved, passing judgment and moralizing about them in sensational linkbait stories. Just  the tip of the […]

NEWSFLASH: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire: N.C. Gov. Signs Anti-Abortion Bill

Politicians should never make promises they can’t keep. Yes, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory, I’m speaking to you—as a North Carolinian born and bred, let me officially say on behalf of my home state: Shame, shame, shame! On July 12, Gov. McCrory announced that he would sign the omnibus anti-abortion bill S. B. 353 if […]

Dove Has A Beauty Problem

In April, I posted Dove’s Real Beauty campaign video on my Facebook with the caption, “You’re more beautiful than you think.” At first glance, this video seemed comforting, almost therapeutic as an antidote against our airbrushed versions of beauty typified by Hollywood and glossy magazine covers. Instead of telling women to lose weight, apply makeup correctly […]

Emergency Contraception Comes With A Brand-Name Price

On Monday night, Teva Pharmaceuticals received exclusive rights from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to sell the emergency contraception pill Plan B One-Step over the counter and without age restrictions until April 2016. A cheaper generic version will also be available—but only with a prescription and to women 17 years or older. This […]

NEWSFLASH: N.C. Governor Supports Bill That Threatens To Close All But One Abortion Provider

According to a statement released on Friday, NC Gov. Pat McCrory (R) says that he does not intend to veto S. B. 353–the newest version of an anti-abortion bill that threatens to close nearly all of the state’s clinics that provide abortions. He writes, If I get the House-passed bill (SB 353), I’ll sign it. The recent […]

First Australian Woman Prime Minister Is Ousted

Julia Gillard—the first woman prime minister of Australia—was ousted by former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in a party vote on Wednesday, June 26 with elections only months away. In 2010 Gillard replaced Rudd as leader of the Labor Party, and now Rudd will replace Gillard as party leader. To date, there have only been two […]

Turning Famous Women Writers Who Committed Suicide into a “Lookbook”

VICE Magazine ignited a firestorm a few weeks ago for their controversial photo editorial featuring to the ladies of the literati in their Women in Fiction issue. In addition to stories by Joyce Carol Oates and Mary Gaitskill and an interview with Marilynne Robinson, there is also a spread by photographer Annabel Mehran celebrating the literary […]

The Texas Saga Continues

Gov. Rick Perry may have called another special legislative session to advance his anti-abortion agenda through the Texas legislature, but reproductive rights and health activists aren’t backing down. On Monday, 5,000 orange-clad protesters rallied outside the Capitol building before a brief legislative session, where senators voted to reconvene on Tuesday, July 9 at 11 a.m. […]

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