Live-Blogging Women’s History: March 27, 1922

March 27, 1922: In a show of solidarity not seen since winning nationwide suffrage a year and a half ago, local women are protesting tonight’s enforcement of a New York City law that bans them–but not men–from smoking in public places. Mary Garrett Hay, a non-smoker and head of the New York City League of […]

Live-Blogging Women’s History: March 26, 1878

March 26, 1878: A large audience was in attendance tonight in New York’s Union League lecture room for a meeting called by the Association for the Advancement of the Medical Education of Women. This new organization would like to increase the quality of education women physicians in the U.S. receive. As of the last census […]

Live-Blogging Women’s History: March 25, 1942

March 25, 1942: It was officially confirmed today that 25 of America’s best women pilots are going to Britain to help with the Allied war effort. After learning that the American Army Air Corps and Ferry Command had no immediate plans to use women, Jacqueline Cochran began recruiting women pilots about six weeks ago for […]

Live-Blogging Women’s History: March 24, 1919

March 24, 1919: With a suffrage victory seeming imminent, the National American Woman Suffrage Association’s Golden Jubilee tonight looked forward rather than back. While honoring its founders for their pioneering work 50 years ago, most of the day’s attention was happily focused on what to do after national woman suffrage is finally achieved. The most […]

Live-Blogging Women’s History: March 23, 1895

March 23, 1895: The plight of women and girls who work in New York City’s dry goods stores was the subject of compelling testimony at a legislative hearing today. Assembly members heard detailed accounts of oppressive working conditions, but also measures being implemented to improve them. Alice Woodbridge was an early witness who testified, “It […]

Live-Blogging Women’s History: March 22, 1972

March 22, 1972: Equality for women and men, once considered among the most radical of ideas, has now received the overwhelming endorsement of both houses of Congress in the form of an Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution. The amendment reads: Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the […]

Live-Blogging Women’s History: March 21, 1938

March 21, 1938: Jubilation today among Equal Rights Amendment supporters. After an almost 15-year struggle, the ERA has for the first time been reported to a branch of Congress. The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 9 to 9 today–a tie being sufficient–to report Senate Joint Resolution 65 to the full Senate for action. It reads, Men […]

Live-Blogging Women’s History: March 20, 1937

March 20, 1937: Amelia Earhart’s legendary skill as a pilot averted a potentially fatal disaster today in her unsuccessful attempt to fly to Howland Island. She immediately assured everyone that once her plane is repaired, she will be off again on her around-the-world flight. She was barreling down the runway at Hawaii’s Luke Field at […]

Live-Blogging Women’s History: March 19, 1937

March 19, 1937: Dozens more women were arrested today both inside and outside the Woolworth store at 34 W. 14th St. in Manhattan on this third day of a strike by members of Local 1250 of the Department Store Employees Union. Strikers are seeking a 40-hour week for $20 pay and company recognition of their […]

Live-Blogging Women’s History: March 18, 1970

March 18, 1970: Just 48 hours after 46 women filed an E.E.O.C. complaint against Newsweek charging sexism, another and far more radical action has been taken against a mainstream media giant. “Never underestimate the power of a woman” is the motto of the Ladies Home Journal, so when more than 100 women occupied its offices […]

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