Live-Blogging Women’s History: March 17, 1937

March 17, 1937: Amelia Earhart is airborne! More than 5,000 cheering fans were on hand as she took off from Oakland, Calif., for a record-breaking around-the-world flight. Early reports are that all is going well on this first leg of the journey, with Hawaii as her goal. As grueling as this 2,392-mile flight may be, […]

Live-Blogging Women’s History: March 16, 1970

March 16, 1970: The publishers of Newsweek now have more confirmation than they might want that their current cover story, “Women in Revolt,” is both accurate and timely. Forty-six women who work for Newsweek announced today that they have filed a complaint against the magazine with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission charging sex bias–the first […]

Live-Blogging Women’s History: March 15, 1912

March 15, 1912: Suffragists in both New York and Philadelphia let it be known today that they are not to be trifled with. The first example occurred at the Woman’s Industrial Exhibition in the new Grand Central Palace in New York City, where the New York State Woman Suffrage Association battled for booth space. Yesterday […]

Live-Blogging Women’s History: March 14, 1916

March 14, 1916: The resilience of the suffrage movement was never more in evidence than today. Just over four months since the biggest setback in its 68-year history–when suffrage referenda in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts went down to defeat–the campaign is back on track. Today, the Assembly of the nation’s most populous […]

Live-Blogging Women’s History: March 13, 1961

March 13, 1961: Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt called on President John F. Kennedy at the White House earlier today and gave him a three-page list of women he should consider for top jobs in his new Administration. Thus far only nine of his 240 appointments have been to women, and none have been chosen […]

Live-Blogging Women’s History: March 12, 1954

March 12, 1954: Doria Shafik, founder and president of the Daughters of the Nile Party, announced today in Cairo that she would be undertaking a fast to protest women’s exclusion from the elections for a Constituent Assembly to draft changes to the Egyptian Constitution. She has sent telegrams to Maj. Gen. Muhammad Naguib, president and […]

Live-Blogging Women’s History: March 11, 1912

March 11, 1912: Though suffragists have many popular themes for speeches and meetings, tonight’s choice to address 25 objections to woman suffrage has outdone them all in terms of drawing a crowd. Less than half of those who wanted to attend were able to pack themselves into New York’s City’s spacious Metropolitan Temple, but the […]

Live-Blogging Women’s History: March 10, 1919

In honor of Women’s History Month, I’m writing every day about 20th century feminists (primarily the suffragists) from a you-are-there viewpoint. March 10, 1919: Tonight’s gala at New York’s Carnegie Hall is a worthy finale to the nationwide, spectacularly successful 23-day tour of the “Prison Special.” An elaborate pageant of color and light opens the […]

Live-Blogging Women’s History: March 9, 1910

March 9, 1910: More proof of a revitalized suffrage movement was evident in Albany today at the New York State legislature‘s hearings on changing the state constitution to enfranchise women. Today’s unprecedented turnout encouraged suffragists to believe that they can succeed in striking one word from the section that grants voting rights only to the […]

Live-Blogging Women’s History: March 8, 1913

March 8, 1913: Alice Paul, organizer of the massive suffrage parade and pageant five days ago in Washington, D.C., and D.C. Chief of Police Major Richard Sylvester, who failed to protect the marchers, gave sharply contradictory views to a Senate subcommittee today. Sylvester testified first, and was unwilling to accept any responsibility whatsoever, claiming that […]

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