The Long History of the War on Contraception

For those surprised about the recent fervor over Obama’s contraception coverage decision, a look at its deep roots. Republicans for Planned Parenthood last week issued a call for nominations for the 2012 Barry Goldwater award, an annual prize awarded to a Republican legislator who has acted to protect women’s health and rights. Past recipients include […]

The Real Story of Margaret Sanger

Birth control pioneer Margaret Sanger is back in the news this week thanks to GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain, who claimed on national television that Planned Parenthood, the visionary global movement she founded nearly a century ago, is really about one thing only: “preventing black babies from being born.” Cain’s outrageous and false accusation is […]

How Women Became Citizens (Hint: It Didn’t Happen Overnight)

It’s hard to fathom today, but for most of recent history, and even into our own time, it was simply assumed that women had no need to acquire identities or rights of our own–except, of course, those enjoyed by virtue of our relationships with men. This principle was central to defining American women’s claims on […]

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