No More Masks: Celebrating a Landmark Anthology of Women’s Poetry 45 Years Later

In 1971, Goucher College professor Florence Howe and her student Ellen Bass gave themselves a prompt: Could they, solely from memory, recite poems by women about women’s lives?

Five Female Poets on Protest and Resistance

These poets cover North Korean missal taunts, the water crisis in Flint, the inadequacy of the U.S. government’s apology to Native Americans, children affected by school shootings and economic divides in their poems that radiate defiance and vision.

The Ms. Q&A: Poet Vievee Francis Knows the Power of Her Narrative

“Those of us who have gone unheard must speak. I do not seek permission. I want my differences accepted without the accompanying reduction of racism, or the pretense of ignorance. Hell, I want my differences lauded.”

The Ms. Q&A: How Poet Marwa Helal Uses Poetry as Preservation

“I want readers to viscerally feel through my work how deeply I believe our identities are inextricably intertwined and that we have a responsibility to ourselves and each other to work harder and to do better in this life.”

These Girls Are Proof: Investing in Young Feminists Pays Off

Since 2011, 280 high school girls have participated in HERLead, an innovative program that empowers them to foster change in their communities. We caught up with three of them.

Honoring Trailblazing Female Firsts in an Age of Resistance

In the heart of the Brooklyn Museum, between Picasso’s “Woman in Gray” and Monet’s rippled river in “Islets at Port-Ville,” landmark women from many fields traded stories on Thursday.

The Ms. Q&A: Gloria Steinem on #MeToo and Believing Women After Weinstein

“We who make up the country can act as we want our country to act. We can vote and organize and give money and ask questions and listen to each other.”

Q&A: Nobel Peace Prize Winner Jody Williams on What It Takes to Change the World

“I’m often introduced as an example of one person who changed the world. And it irritates me because I did not change the world… Anyone who tells you that they changed the world alone is a megalomaniac on the scale of The Donald.”

Q&A: Holocaust Survivors on Charlottesville, Silence as Complicity and Preventing History from Repeating Itself

We spoke with two Holocaust survivors—95-year-old Margit Meissner and 75-year-old Louise Lawrence-Israëls—about the lessons we must learn from the past and how we can all fight hate in our own communities.

More Than A Survivor: The Anti-Trafficking Campaign That Tells The Real Stories of Survivors

This June, passengers at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport bore witness to an innovative photo exhibit shining a light on doctors, artists, real estate agents and teachers who are survivors of sexual abuse and human trafficking.

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