What’s the Connection Between Violence Against Women and Our Prison Nation?

As CeCe McDonald lingers in jail for being a Black transwoman who defended herself in a public space, and Kelley Williams-Bolar is convicted of a felony for sending her children to a higher-ranked Ohio school district in which she did not reside, it’s time to read Beth E. Richie’s  Arrested Justice: Black Women, Violence and […]

JD Samson Talks about MEN and All-Gendered Bodies

Fresh from the Coachella music festival, where she played songs from her debut album with the trio MEN, Talk About Body, JD Samson is back in New York, and it is her first conversation of the day. Formerly of the fabulous Le Tigre, now part of the electric and eminently danceable MEN (with Michael O’Neill […]

Working Teachers Don’t Need a Superman

Waiting for Superman, the latest education documentary offering the fix for failing schools, hyped by MTV, Oprah and Time magazine, will be released to select theaters today. Director Davis Guggenheim wants Waiting to do for education what his previous documentary An Inconvenient Truth, did for global warming: to “spread responsibility among ‘all the adults’ for […]

Still Laboring for Justice

Corporations are individuals–but women just might not count as a class of people. Especially if these million-plus women have worked for Walmart, the largest employer in the world. The discount retailing behemoth has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to decide whether those women can file a class-action suit against it; four lower courts have already said […]

O Canada: Pay Heed to Tough-on-Crime Policies, Not the National Anthem!

Days after the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, mentioned in his Throne Speech (yes, in Canada that is what it is called) that his government would ask Parliament to potentially change the English version of the national anthem to be gender-neutral–specifically the “all thy sons command” line– this idea was scuttled due to overwhelming […]

This Canadian American Mourns the Public Option

On the cusp of the U.S. healthcare vote, I am in the throes of a family health crisis in Canada, offering many moments to consider the “evils” of universal healthcare. This week my Canadian brother-in-law, Bruce, had a bone marrow transplant in a last-ditch effort to kill his leukemia. He is a 46-year-old union guy […]

No Gold for Gender

Since International Women’s Day falls on the heels of the Olympics this year, lace up your skates for some sportingly queer gender analysis. The 2010 Olympics must have been unusually queer, because they sure stirred up all kinds of gender anxiety. In response to the Olympic gold win by U.S. skater Evan Lysacek—skating in a […]

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