Hunger Strike at U. of Virginia Reaches Day 10

Twenty students at the University of Virginia are starving, but not only because they haven’t eaten in 10 days. They’re starved for justice from an administration they say has failed to provide a living wage for its employees, and so they began a hunger strike on February 18. Their demands: Pay UVA workers more–at least […]

Heinous Billboard Reminds Us of Missing Voices

Last weekend, my friend told me that her 15-year-old student is pregnant. My friend works at a low-performing Philadelphia high school in a poverty-ridden, predominantly African American and Latino community. This particular student had been accepted into some of the most competitive high schools in the city, but remained in her neighborhood school in deference […]

Injecting F-Words Into Music with Kate Nash

A proud feminist who views her music as an art form that can change young people’s lives, British singer/songwriter Kate Nash prides herself on redefining sexy. “Real sexiness is about confidence, intelligence, mystery, art and passion,” she recently wrote for The Independent. Nash, who toured with the Lilith Fair this summer, is best-known in the […]

I Could Kiss Kate Nash

It seems as though the only way a female music artist can gain success in today’s society is through a performative display of hyper-sexualization. There isn’t so much a focus on the music’s content or even an artist’s talent but an intense fascination with things that most women can’t control, like the way they look. […]

They May Ballyhoo, We’ll Stay Focused on Black Women

This February, billboards that read “black children are an endangered species” were plastered across Atlanta. They were sponsored by anti-abortion groups Georgia Right to Life (GRTL) and the Radiance Foundation, and they were meant to imply that abortion-rights activists target pregnant black women for eugenics reasons. I know firsthand that it’s easy for the unwary […]

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