Why You Should Buy Your Mom a Video Game for Mother’s Day

The women in your life need more leisure that they can get lost in. They need leisure that is overwhelming with identity play, puzzles, art and complex narratives. Your mother deserves to get some play—and you should give it to her.

Dangerous Tech: How Our Devices Discriminate

Much of our data is now open to government and corporate monitoring—and evidence shows that it is exacerbating racial, gendered and sexual biases in our culture.

4 Ways Feminists Can Protect Themselves Online

We need to stick together—to offer each other support, to trade tips, to share ideas—and we need this all to lead towards an Internet free of harassment and violence. Individual self-protection is not a solution; it’s a step on the path to a greater end.

The Latest Victims: On Trump’s Attacks on Transgender Military Personnel

Though transgender individuals are facing an uncertain and potential unjust fate, they’re not the only ones. They’re merely the newest minority group made into political targets.

Roving Patrols As A Call to Resistance

It was on April 20 that I first saw them. On the freeway, border patrol officers were taking the place of state police.

Net Neutrality is a Feminist Issue

Women and people of color are most likely to pay the highest price for the suspension of net neutrality.

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