Intersex People #WontBeErased, Either

In one year’s time, the Trump administration went from acknowledging the struggles of intersex people to pretending they don’t exist.

Time to End Sex-Testing of Female Athletes

When are we going to stop the nonsense of sex-testing female athletes? Because of an International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and International Olympic Committee (IOC) policy, Dutee Chand, an 18-year-old Indian sprinter, was blocked from competing at the 2014 Commonwealth Games because her body makes too much testosterone. She has been prohibited from competing […]

Standing with Susie the Dachshund

What does Susie, a long-haired dachshund who was discovered to have an intersex trait, have to do with feminism? I’d argue quite a bit. Susie’s experience is a harsh reminder that our society still holds simplistic ideas about bodies. Less than a week ago, the world was introduced to Susie, the dog who was allegedly […]

UN Condemns “Normalization” Surgery for Intersexuality

This post was coauthored by Erin Murphy. The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture (SRT) just released a statement condemning the medical profession’s nonconsensual treatment of intersexuality. Although intersexuality—which surfaces as “ambiguous” external genitalia, sexual organs and/or as sex chromosomes that deviate from normative expectations—rarely poses a health threat, the medical profession continues to perform […]

Olympics’ New Hormone Regulations: Judged by How You Look

This post was coauthored by Hida Viloria. The International Olympic Committee recently released a new sex-testing policy that could prevent women athletes with hyperandrogenism, determined by natural testosterone level, from competing in London on the basis that they have an unfair advantage over their competitors. (The I.O.C. claims the test is not intended to determine sex but “to identify […]

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