Free the Japanese 3D Vagina Artist!

Angry Old Men

Megumi Igarashi, the Japanese artist who goes by the name Rokudenashiko (“good-for-nothing girl” or “n’er-do-well kid”) was arrested this week by Tokyo police for allegedly violating Japanese obscenity laws. Her crime? Distributing imaging data of her own vagina—data which could potentially be used by a 3D printer to reproduce a model of her genitals. A […]

Honoring History’s Forgotten Women, One-Too-Many Chardonnays At A Time

Mary Dyer

There’s something strangely empowering about hearing that Mary Dyer, the 17th century Quaker who dared to challenge the Puritans’ religious intolerance, “freaked their dicks off.” On Comedy Central’s Drunk History, which premiered its second season this month, crass is king as comedians rely on a little liquid courage to help them retell overlooked episodes in […]

One Year After U.S. v. Windsor: The Marriage-Equality Map

Marriage Equality Map

“In America, even sincere and long-held religious beliefs do not trump the constitutional rights of those who happen to have been outvoted.” So explained U.S. District Judge John G. Heyburn II on Tuesday as he delivered his decision striking down Kentucky’s ban on same-sex marriage. Heyburn is the latest federal judge to overturn anti-marriage-equality legislation […]

Senate Hearing Reignites Hope For CEDAW and I-VAWA


Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA), surveying the chamber before her, a room packed with senators, diplomats, feminist leaders, scholars and activists, proudly proclaimed, “I’m looking at an iconic picture here.” At last week’s U.S. Senate Subcommittee on International Operations and Organizations, Human Rights, Democracy and Global Women’s Issues hearing on Combating Violence and Discrimination Against Women: A […]

Heckled Japanese Politician Stands Up to Sexism, Gains Worldwide Attention


When Ayaka Shiomura, member of Japan’s Your Party, approached the podium at a Tokyo assembly session last week, she probably wasn’t planning on ending her speech in tears. Unfortunately for the Tokyo assemblywoman, it seems that arguing for increased government childcare and pregnancy services was reason enough for male members of the assembly to launch […]

The Clock’s Ticking: Can We Still Meet U.N. Goals for Maternal and Child Health?


As we approach the 2015 deadline for meeting the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals, adopted in 2000, there is increasing pressure to improve the work on behalf of goals four and five: combating child mortality and improving maternal health worldwide. To this end, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in collaboration with UNICEF, the […]

Good Riddance to Dov Charney

May Day March

At this point, it seems Dov Charney is better at making headlines than unisex tri-blend T-shirts. After years of rumors, allegations and lawsuits, the founder and CEO of struggling clothing giant American Apparel is finally out of the job. The company’s board of directors voted unanimously this week to strip Charney of his chairmanship and […]

“Comfort Women” Won’t Let Japan’s Conservatives Rewrite History

Yong Soo Lee

The Asian Solidarity Conference, a meeting of international activists, recently announced that it has obtained over 500 documents that it claims directly implicate the Japanese government in the establishment of a system of sexual slavery during World War II. This revelation is the latest in a decades-long struggle to achieve authoritative historical acknowledgement of the […]

We Heart: Comedy Duo Jack and Dean’s “Consent” Music Video

Only With Your Consent.

Who knew consent could sound so catchy? Comedians Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs, the British duo behind YouTube channel OMFGItsJackandDean, prove that clear communication is as easy as it is necessary with their new rap music video, “Consent.” The video opens with a typical club scene. Our well-dressed, sunglassed protagonists strut onto a dark, steamy […]

Why #FreeTheNipple Isn’t About Fixing Tan Lines.

National Go Topless Day in Venice Beach

When Scout Willis marched topless down the streets of New York City early last week, she was sending a clear message: it’s time to finally #FreeTheNipple. Nearly 80 years after men first won the right to go barechested, women are demanding the same level of physical freedom both in public and on social media. Willis […]