Women Speak: Neha Misra Brings Light—and Power—into the Lives of Women Around the World

Neha Misra is a social entrepreneur, poet, visual folk artist and global champion for improving sustainable energy access by advancing women’s leadership.

Women Speak: Reetu Sogani on Mainstreaming Social and Climate Justice

“Climate change is not an issue of science, but an issue of social justice.”

Women Speak: Patricia Gualinga Montalvo is Leading the Fight for Climate Justice in Ecuador

“We will continue, because we are doing the right thing, and because we have an inner strength which moves us and connects us to the Earth and the sky.”

War on Women Report No. 9

This week, the Trump administration continued a reckless disregard for immigrant girls, a series of attacks on San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz and a campaign to paint the women accusing Trump of assault and harassment as liars.

Women Speak: Bringing Gender to the Forefront in Environmental Justice

A new effort shines a light on women’s work around the world on climate change to shift the status quo and challenge presiding systems of exploitation at the intersections of gender and environmental justice.

Providing Essential Unmentionables to Women In Refugee Camps

Thousands of upended women fleeing war-torn regions are left without access to tampons, pads, underwear, birth control and other forms of reproductive care—putting their health and safety in extreme jeopardy.

War on Women Report No. 8

This week, the Trump administration put an undocumented 10-year-old in a migrant facility, kept fighting to block Jane Doe from accessing an abortion in violation of her rights and doubled down on the ban on trans service members—and the ambassador to New Zealand is under investigation for sexual harassment.

The High Cost of Cash Bail

A movement to revise the bail systems is spreading across the U.S. like wildfire, and women are carrying the torches. 

War on Women Report No. 7

This week, the Trump administration came under fire for attacking voting rights, nominating a white supremacist to the federal bench and employing an aide with a 20-year tenure as a racist and sexist under his belt. Amidst those reports, Trump put DACA—and DREAMers—at risk, dismantled the ACA and threatened to leave Puerto Rico without relief.

The War on Women Report No. 6

This week, the Trump administration weakened LGBT protections at home and around the world, encouraged attacks on abortion, scrapped the ACA birth control mandate and opened avenues for discrimination under the guise of “religious liberty.”

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