Mapping the Male Supremacy Movement: Men’s Rights Activists, Pick Up Artists and Rape Culture

Across the spectrum of male supremacy movements, one concerning belief is commonplace: that date rape is not only defensible, but is a skill that can and should be taught. 

Mapping the Male Supremacy Movement: The Deadly Resentments of “Involuntary Celibates”

Not getting dates? Apparently, it’s a lot easier to blame feminism than your own terrible personality.

Mapping the Male Supremacy Movement: Meet the Women of the Alt-Right

“She’s well-rounded, reads, is interested fighting back against anti-white politics, keeps a nice home, raises the kids well, teaches them about their tribal ethnic consciousness, has a good marriage. But then she might have time to do a blog post, or a video, or produce something here and there, to fight back against anti-white politics.”

Mapping the Male Supremacy Movement: Women as Housekeepers With Wombs

A recent exchange on the message board asked participants to weigh in on women’s functionality. One poster responded: “Seriously, the only role women play in this movement is donating their husband’s money.”

Mapping the Male Supremacy Movement: The Alt-Right’s Woman Problem

Men who hate women—masking fear, sexual insecurity or ignorant devotion to ideological misogyny—are vocal within the alt-right, which enjoys a synergetic bond with more specifically misogynistic extremist movements.

Mapping the Male Supremacy Movement: The Intersection of Misogyny and White Supremacy

The largely anonymous outrage of the men’s rights arena acts as a potent gateway drug into the racist ideology of the alt-right. After all, it’s not a huge leap from “women’s quest for equal rights threatens my stature as a man” to “minorities’ and women’s quests for equal rights threaten my stature as a white man.”

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