Bristol Palin Has Her Cake and Eats It, Too

Bristol Palin, daughter of would-be president Sarah, has done it again. After her pretentious PSA that promotes a classist view of teen motherhood, she’s turned up in a rather ironic spread for Harper’s Bazaar. She’s pictured with her son Tripp, performing domestic tasks in evening wear, and giving a tea party (get it?) surrounded by a […]

Newsflash: Rebel Church in Italy Ordains Woman Priest

Maria Vittoria Longhitano, 35, has become Italy’s first woman priest. Ordained on Saturday in the All Saints Church in Rome, Longhitano is a member of the Old Catholic Church, which is not affiliated with the Vatican. A married teacher living in Milan, Longhitano has a degree in philosophy and theology. She was already a deacon […]

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