War on Women Report No. 24

Dangerous judicial and cabinet appointments were made this week for Trump nominees—and all the while, the Trump administration continued to attack immigrants, refugees and women’s rights.

War on Women Report No. 23

This week, reports broke detailing the Trump administration’s back-room attempts to make the U.S. a “pro-life nation” and the tie between Trump’s rhetoric and increasing acts of extremist violence. The Trump administration also continued to propogate dangerous stereotypes about immigrants and pushed legislation hurting women and families.

War on Women Report No. 22

As recordings of the president bragging about sexually assault women resurfaced in the news this week, Madeleine Albright called out his sexism. In the midst of it all, a dangerously anti-abortion and anti-contraception Trump nominee for the federal bench had her confirmation hearing.

Costa Rica Just Elected the First Black Woman Vice President in Latin America’s History

Epsy Campbell Barr made history when she and Carlos Alvarado scored a victory in Costa Rica’s presidential election earlier this month.

Boy, Bye: Paul Ryan’s Anti-Woman Reign in the House is Finally Over

Let’s not mince words: Paul Ryan’s retirement is a victory for women across the country, and feminists won’t soon forget it. 

War on Women Report No. 21

The Trump administration’s attacks on immigrant women were unrelenting this week—and women were often the ones in the crosshairs.

War on Women Report No. 20

The Trump administration ramped up attacks on immigrant communities, ended protections for pregnant detainees and refused to take action on police brutality this week.

The Women of the Senate are Demanding an End to Sexual Harassment

In a letter signed by every single woman Senator, the members demanded Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer take action on sexual harassment in the chamber.

Mississippi’s Governor is Intent on Ending Abortion in the State—But Providers Are Fighting Back

The last clinic standing in Mississippi is fighting for their patients—and women’s lives hang in the balance as the state’s governor pushes for a 15-week abortion ban.

One of Trump’s Accusers is Moving Forward in a Suit Against Him

A judge ruled Tuesday in favor of a woman who has previously accused Donald Trump of sexual harassment, permitting her to move forward in a defamation case against the president.

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