HBO’s Veep: Stolen Stylists, First Lady Feuds and Politics

In the social media era we live in, it’s hard for the personal to not be political. And often, for the political not to veer towards the personal. In the last couple weeks, for example, we’ve learned a few new things about Hillary Clinton. With the brilliant Texts from Hillary Tumblr page, we got to […]

Feminism and Flawed Women in Lena Dunham’s “Girls”

As a mid-to-late-20-something woman, I have grown up with a wide range of pop-culture representations of women, from the Wakefield twins of Sweet Valley High to Cher from Clueless to any part Winona Ryder played to blandly interchangeable rom-com leading ladies to the women of Sex and the City. I have loved and hated these […]

Support Anti-Street Harassment Day: Hollaback!

Earlier this month, Hollaback! Buenos Aires founder Inti Maria Tidball-Binz was featured in Argentina’s El Guardián newspaper, but the coverage was far from celebratory. Writer Juan Terranova belittled the movement, stating that street harassment is okay. As if Terranova couldn’t be any more infuriating, he ended by threateneing Tidball-Binz, I finish here with a wish […]

Don’t Ms. These Feminist Events: Holiday Roundup Edition

Sorry for the lag in posting fabulous feminist events, but as you know this is a grossly hectic time of year as we transition into 2011 via holiday family visits, frustrating family political chats, late-night bar visits with good friends and looking forward to the new year and what it will bring–I bring you a […]

Don’t Ms. These Feminist Events: December 6-12 Edition

As I’m writing this from the airport–you know, jetting around to fabulous feminist events is a lifestyle for me–I’m thinking about one event  that is particularly important this week: the latest chapter in saga of California’s Prop 8, a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage that may eventually be considered in the U.S. Supreme Court. Today, […]

Judy Chicago on Frida Kahlo, Feminism and Women’s Art

Feminist artist Judy Chicago, known best for her iconic work, The Dinner Party, recently released the book Frida Kahlo: Face to Face, coauthored with art historian Frances Borzello, in which the two converse over a selection of the esteemed Mexican artist’s work. The well-illustrated volume explores Frida Kahlo as a woman and an artist, as […]

Don’t Ms. These Feminist Events: December 1 – 6

 December 1 is World AIDS Day, a time to bring awareness about HIV/AIDS, pay respect to those who have passed and show that comprehensive HIV/AIDS care is a human-rights issue. This year’s theme is “Universal Access and Human Rights” to garner global attention to the rights of persons living with HIV/AIDS and expanding universal access […]

Don’t Ms. These Feminist Events: November 22-28

As we all know, this Thursday, November 25 is Thanksgiving. Instead of just gorging on food and engaging in drunken arguments with your family about politics, you can go out and volunteer. Winter holidays are a hard time of year to be homeless, and homeless women face special difficulties. Women veterans are twice as likely […]

We Heart: Ryan Gosling, Actor and Feminist

I think we can all agree that Ryan Gosling is ridiculously good looking. Beyond that he is supremely talented, starring in such films as “The Believer”, “The Notebook”, “Half Nelson” (which won him an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of an inner-city schoolteacher with a drug problem) and “Lars and the Real Girl” (a film […]

Don’t Ms. These Feminist Events: November 15-21 Edition

I need to pull a Hermione Granger (yes, the new Harry Potter film is coming out this week) and get a time turner so I can attend all these fantastic feminist events. In Chicago, on Thursday, November 18, the Center on Halsted is hosting Night of Fallen Stars, an event for the Transgender Day of […]

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