NEWSFLASH: Thousands of Workers Join First Nationwide Strike Since the Election

Thousands of workers in 340 cities nationwide participated in Fight for 15’s twelfth one-day strike on Tuesday.

Q&A: Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson on Sexuality, Sexism and Slut-Shaming

Ms. recently spoke with Fisher and Hutchinson about their personal journeys to becoming the inclusive, sex-positive feminists they are today.

WATCH: “Maybe If It Were a Nice Room” Tells the Story of Too Many Survivors

Alicia Harris wanted to illustrate that rape can happen at home—a fact too many women, and men, unfortunately know first-hand.

Creating Space for Women in Film—One Program at a Time

For 16 years, Lunafest has traveled around North America annually to showcase short films “by, for, and about women.”

Teens Aren’t Having Less Sex—They’re Just Being More Responsible

Teen pregnancy rates have been on a steady decline in the U.S., and it’s because of better contraceptive access and education.

We Heart: These 5 Emma Watson Quotes on Campus Equality

Emma Watson recently delivered a powerful speech at the UN General Assembly focused on issues of gender inequality facing women on college campuses around the world—an issue that is more relevant than ever. Here are our five favorite quotes from that speech.

New Study Shows That For Women, Guns Still Offer More Danger Than Protection

Their conclusion? “For women in America, guns are not used to save lives, but to take them.”

Utah’s Anti-Abortion Laws Aren’t Changing Women’s Minds

A new study shows that despite anti-abortion laws that complicate women’s access to reproductive health care, a majority of women seeking abortion still ultimately complete the procedure.

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