How Yoga Can Heal a “Fractured Body Image”

During every yoga class, my teacher said it: “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.” Given that this is true, why do so many American yoga practitioners look the same? Why has “doing yoga” and “wearing yoga pants” become ready joke fodder about slender, young, sorta-clueless, upper-middle-class white women? Yoga has become a modern […]

“Boyhood” Is Also a Film About Motherhood

Richard Linklater’s film Boyhood has been widely praised for its innovative approach and its ability to handle a sweeping topic (growing up) largely without sentimentality. The movie is filmed over the course of 12 years, using the same cast and whatever cultural backdrop was handy in Texas at the annual time of filming. For instance, […]

Is Your Yoga Studio Feminism-Free?

Come to a comfortable seated position; use the blanket to elevate your hips so you can sit with the spine straight. Close the eyes and rest the hands gently in the lap. So begins the yoga class. And just yesterday, as we sat quietly, receptively, in a meditative pose, the teacher said, Everything in your […]

Can’t We Stop Acting As If Queer Parenting Is Something New?

We can all recite the cultural fairytale about the American family: A man and a woman meet one another, date and fall in love.  Wait—let’s really go for the fairytale stereotype: He’s handsome and tall. She’s pretty and petite, perhaps just a few years younger than he. He has a well-paying job and hers is […]

Can Paula Broadwell Reclaim Her Story?

Feminists have good reason to cringe when reading the news about General David Petraeus’ resignation as head of the CIA. It should be a simple enough story: He made an error he regrets. Apparently he deceived his wife and some of his colleagues and he’s resigning from his position. To his credit, he doesn’t seem […]

Mad for Anachronistic Gender Roles

In The Receptionist: An Education at The New Yorker, Janet Groth provides a pleasurable, well-written story about the love of good writing. The storytelling is personal and accessible, yet replete with detail and sparkling turns of phrase. I even had to look up the meaning of a few words. That’s thrilling in a text so charming […]

Hatred Does Not Equal Health

“I stand for a life free of shame for all little girls.” “I stand for happy, healthy children–no matter their size.” “I stand against social stigma and the right to be happy just as you are.” These are powerful statements, and just a few of the many “STANDards” (above right) assembled by Marilyn Wann and […]

You, Too, Can Be a Queer Parent

“Do you have to use that word?” My mother made a face that looked slightly ill. Despite being a bit insulted, I feel compassion for her plight. I know my mother loves me, but she hates the word “queer,” and really wishes I could be a little less odd, too. “What word? Queer?” She nodded […]

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