Liberating Words: Is It Too Late For Me?

“be my own Woman?
put on high heels, high bun,
too high expectations.”

Liberating Words: Untitled (A Poem About Me)

“i am bored a house broom
i see blue mats wear a costume
and i build a fort prepare for my groom”

Liberating Words: Dandelion Puff

you girls
i just wanted to let you know you’re beautiful
i can’t believe your parents would let you out alone”

Liberating Words: Prey

“she should be glad to be
on train
knees together”

Liberating Words: Myself

“Hot / Cute / Short / Tall
Fat / Skinny / Curvy / Not for all
Is this all you see “

Liberating Words: I Have a Friend Who Does Not Call Herself a Feminist

“I’m still a feminist.
I want to
Decolonize Feminism.”

Liberating Words: The Circle of Lies

“In the fall
He ripped out her root
Snatched up her fruit
And dug out the hole”

Liberating Words: Pink

“Pretty pink women with pretty pink dreams,
Talking together and plotting their schemes.”

Liberating Words: Hey Beautiful

“Hey beautiful,
You should get home soon.
You look better when you’re at home safe.”

Liberating Words: Exotic Women

“we are not submissive
not your objects
not your trend
not your fetish
We are not your exotic women.”

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