We Heart: Feminists of Generation Now

Most Pinterest users pin DIY inspiration, vacation ideas and delicious recipes to their boards. Shelby Knox and Steph Herold pin feminists. Their board, “Feminists of Generation Now,” is an ever-growing response to a CNN piece published last fall titled “Where Are All The Millenial Feminists?” The CNN article claimed that women today are shying away […]

Speak Up About Rape? Get Expelled.

University of North Carolina (UNC) sophomore Landen Gambill may be kicked out of school for speaking to the press about her rape. Gambill was one of five women (including the former assistant dean of students) who filed a complaint against the university in January calling for an investigation into what they described as a hostile […]

How the Sequester Will Hurt Women And Children

Huge U.S. budget cuts (to the tune of $85 billion for 2013) will take effect on Friday unless Congress acts quickly to prevent sequestration. These impending cuts are the result of the Budget Control Act, a 2011 piece of legislation which stipulated that if a bill to reduce the national deficit is not produced, across-the-board […]

Surprise! Women Are Still Under-Represented in Media

Girls may have won a Golden Globe this year, but media representation of women is nowhere close to achieving gender equality. Women (51 percent of the population) are both creators, actors and audiences for media. But on our screens, in our news and behind the scenes they are still woefully underrepresented. The Women’s Media Center (WMC) […]

State of the Union: Takeaways for Women’s Issues

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama gave his fourth State of the Union address, laying out a vision for his second term. While the address focused primarily on the recovering economy, gun violence, voting reform, education and climate change, President Obama had some strong words on women’s issues. For one thing, Obama urged the House to […]

Sing, Dance, RISE: One Billion Rising on Valentine’s Day

One in three women will be raped or beaten in her lifetime. Half of the seven billion global population are women—which means that one billion women alive now will be, or have been, raped or beaten. These are the statistics behind the creation of One Billion Rising. February 14 is the 15th anniversary of V-Day, […]

UPDATE: Senate to Vote on Re-Authorizing VAWA

UPDATE: The Senate has voted down a GOP amendment to the Violence Against Women Act, 65 to 34, that would have removed language covering LGBT  victims of domestic violence. The body is still set to vote on Monday on whether to pass the final bill–which has 62 cosponsors, a good sign that it will finally […]

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