14 Questions To Ask in Choosing a Movie For Your Kids

Some of the most sexist programming in America is delivered to our kids through G and PG rated movies: yes, those movies specifically recommended by the MPAA as appropriate for children. The problem is that in the vast majority of these movies, boys get to be the stars. Girls are often relegated to practically invisible […]

Why There’s Gender Bias in Media–and What We Can Do About It

The grassroots women’s literary group VIDA just released some frightening statistics about gender bias in publishing: The New York Review of Books has 462 male bylines to 79 female, about a 6-to-1 ratio. The New Republic has 256 men to 49 women. The Atlantic published 154 male bylines and 55 female. The New Yorker reviewed […]

We Heart: Kim Clijsters

Just after tennis player Kim Clijsters beat her opponent in the Australian Open, she scored a major victory for the women of the world. After the game, when Clijsters went on camera with courtside interviewer Todd Woodbridge, she confronted him about a nasty text message he sent about her. “You thought I was pregnant?” she […]

Disney’s Male Execs To Stop Making Movies Starring Girls

At first it seems like possible good news. Disney/ Pixar announces: no more fairy tales, code for princess movies. Great! No more damsels in distress who end the movie by landing a man. Now we’re going to have a slew of new movies with cool girl heroes who bravely rescue boys from peril, exuding power […]

Watch Out Sarah Palin–You May Get “Foxified”

Even though I wasn’t a supporter of Sarah Palin, she was recently hired at Fox News, and I feel I need to warn her. After all, she’s a brunette who often wears glasses–a breed targeted for extinction in Foxworld. There’s something creepy going on at Fox News, and it’s not just the skewed way they […]

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