The Ms. Q&A: The Simpsons Writer Carolyn Omine on Being the Only Woman in the Room

Four-time Emmy Award-winning producer and writer Carolyn Omine—the only woman on The Simpsons writing staff—took some time to chat with us about outshining sexism, channeling her inner Lisa and finding the humanity in her characters.

The Ms. Q&A: Daisy Hernandez on Writing as Fighting Back

“Both on the national stage and my day to day life, people can ignore me for whatever reasons—’cause I’m Latina, ’cause they have ideas bout me—but when I’m on the page, no one ignores the page.”

50 Feminist Women to Follow on Twitter

A recent study confirmed that Twitter is dominated by white, male voices. Diversify your feed with these feminist voices!

10 Summer Reads for Young Feminists

Young feminists looking to further their knowledge about the movement or yearning for an empowering story will find it in these books.

Latina Girls in Texas Staged a Quinceañera Protest for Immigrant Rights

Fifteen young Latinas wearing brightly-colored gowns and tiaras took to the steps of the Texas State Capitol in Austin to demand justice for all immigrants.

The Untold Story of a Feminist Legend: DOLORES Sheds New Light on an Activist Icon

A new, award-winning documentary finally tells the story of Dolores Huerta’s life-long fight for justice and equality.

Fighting Menstrual Taboos with Emoji

“It’s unbelievable that there’s an emoji for a floppy disk and tacos but not for something 800 million women and girls are experiencing on any given day.”

Small Steps Toward Closing California’s Rape Kit Backlog

Thousands of rape kits sit untested and overlooked at police departments and crime lab storage facilities nationwide. According to a partial estimate by the End the Backlog Initiative, about 9,000 kits remain untested in California alone.

Connecting the Dots Between Policy and Reproductive Justice for Black Women

“The time is now for Black women to use the power of our vote and our lived experiences to inform real policy change.”

Leading By Example: Learning “The Art of Tough” from Barbara Boxer

“One goal of this memoir is to inspire people to fight for change,” Barbara Boxer, former Democratic U.S. Senator from California, writes in her recently-released book. “It takes what I call the Art of Tough and I’ve had to do it all my life.”

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