Trans Women #WontBeErased

Trump administration officials want to propose a legal definition of “sex” that excludes and erases the trans community. Trans women and their allies were quick to talk back on Twitter—and defiantly claim their identities in the process.

At This D.C. Festival, Women’s Voices Take Center Stage

The Women’s Voices Theater Festival currently wrapping up in Washington, D.C., featured over 30 theatrical productions written by some of the country’s pre-eminent women playwrights. We spoke to two of them.

The Ms. Q&A: Florence Schechter is Building a Vagina Museum

“When I realized there was no vagina museum, I knew it would never exist unless I made it. I wasn’t going to wait around for someone else to have the idea independently.”

Pussy Riot Takes On The Police State

On the anniversary of both the Russian Revolution and Donald Trump’s election, Pussy Riot released a new song and music video spotlighting the chaos of authoritarianism.

Ava Bogle is Fighting Shame to Save Humanity

“For me, my feminism is intrinsically connected to my sexuality. To me, these things go hand in hand.”

Q&A: Laura Bates on Writing Girl Up and Building a Feminist Future

“I wanted to throw young women a lifeline… I needed more time to say ‘no, it isn’t normal, it really is bullshit and you shouldn’t have to put up with it and you’re not alone.'”

An Ambitious Push for Parity

A new campaign aims to fill half of the 500,000 elected positions across the U.S. with women lawmakers by 2030.

Lawmakers and Advocates Urge the DCCC to Stand Firm on Abortion Rights

Women’s lives are on the line—will Democrats stand firm in saving them?

Inside Pussy Riot: Political Theatre for a New Era of Resistance

Pussy Riot hopes to create a performance that will mobilize their audience into action and protest against authoritative regimes across the world.

Q&A: A’shanti Gholar is Helping Everyday Women Run for Office

“The woman who is constantly volunteering for other candidates, who believes they can make changes in the community—we want her on the ballot. We want her to believe in herself and that she can make those changes.”

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