Getting Crisis Pregnancy Centers to Confess

If only “crisis pregnancy centers” came with their own FDA warning labels: “contains misinformation,” or “may result in poor decision-making.” Generally, however, crisis pregnancy centers have long operated under the radar in communities around the country, quietly suppressing a woman’s right to choose under the pretense of offering reproductive health care. There are an estimated […]

Is Single-Sex Education the New Separate-But-Equal?

Just when you thought we were over that whole separate-but-equal hullabaloo, Louisiana throws us another curve ball. One school district’s program to teach boys and girls in segregated classes has sparked an unprecedented constitutional battle. The culture war was set in motion last year when Vermilion Parish School District launched a new program to teach […]

It’s Not Abortion That Drives You Mad, It’s the Law

Abortion probably won’t make you depressed, but the obstacles you might face in order to get one are devastating. A new study from the Guttmacher Institute counters conservative fear-mongering about abortion’s psychological impacts. Health researchers Jocelyn T. Warren, S. Marie Harvey and Jillian T. Henderson present decisive evidence that teens who have had abortions don’t […]

Will the U.S. Help Reproductive Justice Go Global?

The Global Sexual and Reproductive Health Act seeks to bring America to the front lines of the struggle for global reproductive justice.

Why Aren’t Girls in School?

In most countries, barriers of all kinds still stand between girls and school, blocking young women from the most basic form of social advancement.

Housing Crisis Lingers in New Orleans

While the city’s recovery hobbles forward after Hurricane Katrina’s punishing blows, a deep affordable housing crisis continues to hold back impoverished mothers

Women in Detention Not Protected From Sexual Abuse

Building on the latest charges of sexual abuse to come out of T. Don Hutto detention center in Texas (which I blogged about here), Human Rights Watch has issued a scathing indictment of Homeland Security’s utter failure to protect women from abuse and harassment in detention. Since reports of sexual abuse at Hutto surfaced earlier […]

It’s Not Just Bullets Scarring Chicago Public Housing Residents

On Tuesday, 8-year-old Tanaja Stokes got caught in a storm of gunfire as she jumped rope outdoors on Chicago’s South Side. It was a typical crime story, but it was also an example of a sick kind of child mortality, one that doesn’t often come to mind when contemplating pool accidents, asthma attacks, and other […]

Study: “Marriage Promotion” in Welfare Doesn’t Work

Welfare reform’s marriage promotion programs have not only had little impact on the plight of poor families, looks like they’ve also done a pretty lousy job of pressing impoverished couples into the right-wing mold of “family values.” Mathematica Policy Research evaluated Building Strong Families, a flagship marriage-focused program operating in several states, and concluded that it’s […]

Cold Cases: Murder in L.A. and the Value of Black Life

Are some murders worse than others? How could a killer vanish into a racial blind spot in the public imagination? The LA Times has looked back at scores of murders of Black women “during a 10-year period that serial killers roamed South L.A.” Many crimes went unsolved, and questions linger about whether more could have […]

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