We Heart: Actor-Turned-Humanist Politician Glenda Jackson


From the late 1960s through the 1980s, Glenda Jackson was one of the most respected actors of her time. The British thespian won two Academy Awards, one for a drama (Women in Love in 1969) and one for a comedy (A Touch of Class in 1973). She won an Emmy for portraying a shaven-head Queen […]

“Ew, Pervy!”


One of our favorite political cartoonists, Jen Sorensen (whose work regularly appears in Ms. magazine), was inspired to create her latest four-panel by regular Ms. blogger Audrey Bilger’s post on Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s well-documented “moral” aversion to gay people. Sorensen takes Scalia’s thinking, well, just a little further. Enjoy:         […]

NEWSFLASH: A New Style of R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Immigrants


Those of you in journalism are quite familiar with The Associated Press Stylebook–it’s literally our bible for correct form and usage. But it’s definitely a “living bible,” not some petrified, unchanging dictum. And today it announced a big correction: It suggests that publications no longer use the expression “illegal immigrant.” In updated “AP Style, “illegal” […]

Shocked Apology: Too Little, Too Late


Three nights after making homophobic remarks at the San Francisco club Yoshi’s, singer-songwriter Michelle Shocked finally offered an apology. Of sorts. She insisted that she did not say, nor does she believe, that “God hates homosexuals (or anyone else). I said that some of His followers believe that.” She added, “And my statement equating repeal […]

After the Steubenville Trial: Pity the Poor Victimizers


If you’ve spent any time on social media today, you’ll have heard about the dreadful coverage of the Steubenville rape verdict by some news outlets and TV networks. The prime target of ire has been CNN, which focused attention right away on the two perpetrators who were found guilty of raping a 16-year-old young woman […]

Yes, Michelle, We Are Shocked By Your Homophobia


According to news and social media reports coming out of San Francisco, long-respected singer-songwriter Michelle Shocked–known for such songs as “Anchorage” and “If Love Was a Train,” went on a stunning anti-gay marriage rant during her show last night at the club Yoshi’s. She reportedly said to audience members, “You can go on Twitter and […]

NEWSFLASH: Guilty Verdict in Steubenville Rape Trial


Steubenville, OH, high school football players Trent Mays, 17, and Ma’lik Richmond, 16, were found guilty of rape today in a juvenile court trial. Judge Thomas Lipps also deemed Mays guilty of disseminating a nude photo of a minor. Richmond was sentenced to a minimum of one year in a juvenile correction facility and Mays […]

With These Posters, Celebrate Black History Month All Year Long


For the past 28 days of Black History Month, photographer Eunique Jones Gibson has put up a photo poster a day of an African American child posed as an historic figure–from Martin Luther King, Jr., to Malcolm X to Frederick Douglass to Barack Obama to Muhammad Ali. Of course we at the Ms. Blog are […]

Alterna-Oscars–Vote for Women Directors!


When you’re marking your Oscar ballot tomorrow night and hoping that you win the betting pool, note once again that there are NO women directors on it. Not just Kathryn Bigelow (ZeroDarkThirty) is missing (despite her film being nominated for Best Picture), but so are a number of other fine women who have helmed terrific […]

MILESTONES: Happy 50th Birthday to “The Feminine Mystique”


Today marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of one of the classic texts of feminism’s Second Wave, Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique. The book was a bestseller, the title entered the lexicon and women were offered a name for “the problem that has no name.” Here’s a little Feminine Mystique at 50 quiz for […]