Hey, Brittney Griner Came Out, Too!


With all the hoopla over basketball player Jason Collins becoming the first man in one of the top American pro sports leagues to come out as gay, and then with more hoopla over newly out pro soccer player Robbie Rogers becoming the first openly gay man to actually compete on the field (Collins won’t play […]

Taking Facebook to Task


Have you ever posted a photograph of a nude on Facebook, say one taken by a famous artist such as Imogen Cunningham or Hannah Wilke? It will soon be taken down. But what about FB pages, groups and images that condone or encourage rape or domestic violence, such as Fly Kicking Sluts in the Uterus, […]

Beyoncé Rocks the Cover of Ms.


“When women like Beyoncé proudly proclaim feminism, they tend to invite more debates than affirmation.” That’s one of the provocative statements that kicks off Janell Hobson’s cover essay on popular culture icon Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, our fierce feminist cover woman for Spring 2013. The new issue of Ms. magazine, now on its way to subscribers, is also […]

The Feminist Writing Life of Marge Piercy


A longtime favorite of feminists, author/poet/social activist Marge Piercy wrote a short story, “Saving Mother From Herself,” that we published in the last issue of Ms. magazine—it’s about a women who resists her family’s efforts to clean up what they consider her messy life. We talked to Piercy about the story, her writing and her […]

Stop the Child Rape. Now.

India is Raped

It wasn’t bad enough that a 23-year-old woman was gang-raped on a bus in New Delhi last December and later died of her injuries. That alone, besides setting off worldwide protests, seemed to open a box of secrets about how women are too-often treated in India. But now, the news out of India is even […]

Public Memorial for Mary Thom — And New Award in Her Name

Mary Thom closeup

The Women’s Media Center in New York, where Mary Thom worked as editor-in-chief, has announced a public memorial celebration to be held Monday, May 6, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Stanley H. Kaplan Penthouse at Lincoln Center. Thom was killed in a motorcycling accident on April 26. If you’re interested in attending, […]

Mary Thom, 1944-2013


We were all shocked and saddened this weekend to learn of the passing of Mary Thom, an editor for decades at Ms. magazine, a historian of the first 30 years of Ms., and most recently editor-and-chief for the Women’s Media Center. Thom was riding her motorcycle on the Saw Mill Parkway in Yonkers, N.Y., when […]

We Heart: Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims

“I’m not sure how I find myself in this room of all rooms as one of the men who respects women the most, but as is so often the case, I see that respect for the person and personal responsibility is clearly more of a slogan than a reality,” said Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims […]

Not Good Enough, Boy Scouts


The Boy Scouts of America just don’t get it. Since last July, the Ms. Blog has been noting the BSA’s push-pull decision-making about its anti-gay policy (which was rubberstamped by the U.S. Supreme Court in a 2000 decision. Exactly nine months ago, we published this post about how the Boy Scouts’ leadership had plenty to […]

We Heart: Actor-Turned-Humanist Politician Glenda Jackson


From the late 1960s through the 1980s, Glenda Jackson was one of the most respected actors of her time. The British thespian won two Academy Awards, one for a drama (Women in Love in 1969) and one for a comedy (A Touch of Class in 1973). She won an Emmy for portraying a shaven-head Queen […]