On Pearl Harbor Day, Remembering the Homefront

Seventy-one years ago, America’s children learned that Pearl Harbor had been bombed.  Before the attack, few had every heard of Pearl Harbor.  “Who’s she?” more than one child probably asked. Just as 9/11 was a watershed for the millennium generation, Pearl Harbor divided our parents’ childhoods into before and after. Born during the Great Depression, […]

Jumping for Joy

When I first moved to Park City, Utah, in 2004, I was shocked to learn that women ski jumpers were not allowed to go to the Olympics. Heck, what happened to Title IX? But this is the Olympics, where an elite group of mostly men on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) make the rules. For […]

Let the Women Fly

The calendar may say 2010, but for women ski jumpers it’s still feeling like the 1950s when men competed and women watched. Ski jumping is the only winter Olympic event that doesn’t have a female competition. In October, the 12-member executive board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) met in Acapulco, Mexico to consider adding […]

Patently Wrong About BRCA Genes

Myriad Genetics thinks it owns two of my genes. Yours too, sisters. Myriad, a Salt Lake City-based biotech company, holds seven patents related to the BRCA genes, a pair of genes whose mutations are related to breast and ovarian cancer. These are big genes—and potentially nasty ones. A water molecule has a molecular mass of […]

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