Plan ‘Oh No They Didn’t’: Roundup of Responses to Plan B Betrayal

We at Ms., along with feminists nationwide, were forced to dump our celebratory Korbel down the toilet last week when HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius threw women under the bus reversed the FDA’s decision to grant over-the-counter status to “morning-after” pill Plan B without an age restriction. As we reported last week, we had good reason to […]

Don’t Ms.: Vigils for the Unemployed, Girls Rock and More!

Canada: Events are taking place across the country as part of a National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. The day marks the 22nd anniversary of the misogynist shooting spree at the University of Montreal in 1989 that left 14 women students dead. Washington, D.C.: On Thursday, December 8, thousands of unemployed workers […]

Feminist Turkey Talk

This year, GLAAD is running an #AwkwardThanksgiving campaign with the catchphrase “I’m letting Aunt Betty feel awkward this Thanksgiving.” GLAAD’s website urges you, if you feel comfortable, to discuss your life and partners and LGBTQ issues at Thanksgiving this year, even if it may make some of your family members uncomfortable: Talking about our lives […]

Don’t Ms.: Women March on Zuccotti Park, Londoners Take Back the Night, and More!

On Thanksgiving week, we typically look forward to events that involve food. And sales. And hopefully sales on food. However, this year, Black Friday shares a date with a nobler cause: International Day Against Violence Against Women. You can start celebrating by committing no violence over the last 15-dollar Blu-Ray player or microwaveable side dish […]

We Heart: T-Shirts for Smart Girls

While getting J.C. Penny to stop selling shirts reading “Too pretty to do homework, so my brother has to do it for me” felt like only a partial victory due to the continued sales of its the “My best subjects are boys, shopping, music, dancing” shirt, this shirt feels like a total win for smart […]

The Occupy Crackdown: Feminist Open Thread

Today is a crucial day for the Occupy movement. Last night, the Occupy Wall Street encampment was evicted under orders from Mayor Bloomberg, and many protesters were arrested upon returning to Zuccotti Park. A judge has now ruled against the encampment. The need for honest, accurate media documentation has never been so crucial. That’s why […]

NEWS BRIEF: Only 50 Percent of U.S. First-Time Mothers Receive Paid Leave

A new Census Bureau report shows that, from 2001-2008, the percentage of first-time mothers receiving paid leave before and after childbirth leveled off at a mere 50 percent. As usual, the most vulnerable women–low-income women, women of color, young women and less-educated women–had the least access to paid leave. By the numbers: 50.8 percent: From […]

No Comment: PETA Doesn’t Want You to Wear Your Own Hair, Either

Many of the issues we deal with here at Ms. are very cut-and-dry. Legislation to let a woman die on the hospital floor? Anti. The female orgasm (and woman-positive sex education)? Pro. Affording fetuses more rights than women? Again, anti. Then there’s ending exploitation and cruelty towards animals…Okay, we’re with you there… by exploiting women? […]

In Honor of Domestic Violence Awareness, Dress Up for Halloween as Your Favorite Victim or Abuser!

In an ironic twist of fate, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM). Why ironic? Because October also plays host to Hall-O-We-Find-All-Injustices-Against-Women-Hilarious, as manifested in costumes like this. And this. And this. And this. And this. And this. While the not-vile segment of the American population is spending the month finding ways to mourn those […]

Police Action Ends Afghan MP’s Hunger Strike

The 12-day hunger strike of Afghan parliament member Simin Barakzai ended yesterday when Afghan police reportedly dismantled her encampment outside the presidential building in Kabul. Barakzai began a fast-to-the-death to protest her unseating from the Afghan parliament. According to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Barakzai’s supporters, claimed police, disguised as doctors, dismantled their tents, handcuffed and […]

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