Attorneys Representing Anti-Abortion Extremists Refuse to Stop Endangering Providers

Attorneys representing anti-abortion extremists in California ignored a court-mandated gag order on the release of illegally obtained footage of doctors and clinic staff—putting providers at risk for harassment, threats and violence.

Advocates Are Fighting Baseless Anti-Abortion Laws State by State

Advocates are shining a light on anti-abortion laws that fly in the face of science and reason. And state by state, they’re fighting to stop them, once and for all.

Going on the Offensive for Abortion Rights

Advocates in red states are switching gears. They’re not just pushing back against anti-choice laws—they’re proposing pro-choice legislation of their own.

Wendy Carrillo Wants the Future to Be Female—and Unapologetic

Wendy Carrillo didn’t win the election for California’s 34th District Congressional seat—but she captured the spirit of her community.

Alt-Right Commentator Laughs About Rape, Disability, Cancer at Campus Appearance

The complex lives of women are no laughing matter, and neither is their suffering.

The Film Festival that Fights Back

Now over a decade running, the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival has a revived meaning in the new political climate.

Global Solidarity: Exploring the Roots of Today’s Women’s Strike

Women from 49 countries are part of a Women’s Strike today against violence addressed at women physically, economically, verbally and morally.

Braids Across Borders: How Women in El Paso are Fighting Back on Inauguration Day

While President-elect Donald Trump is sworn into office on Friday, 50 women from El Paso and Ciudad Juárez will stand back to back on the Paso del Norte International Bridge and braid their hair together in an act of solidarity.

Q&A: Meet the Vinyl Club Resisting Patriarchy One Record at a Time

The Chulita Vinyl Club is a three-year-old multi-city collective centering women of color—and celebrating their culture as an act of resistance.

Nancy Pelosi Re-Elected House Minority Leader

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi has championed healthcare and women’s rights since 2003. On Wednesday night, she re-earned her place as one of the most powerful Speakers of the House to date.

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