Challenging Anti-Abortion Junk Science, One Billboard at a Time

A network of independent abortion providers are pushing back on the latest string of anti-abortion rhetoric in a big way.

The First Anti-Abortion Extremist To Murder An Abortion Provider Has Been Denied Parole

On Wednesday, a review board in Florida denied parole to convicted murderer Michael Griffin, who fatally shot Dr. David Gunn outside of a Pensacola clinic in 1993.

Illinois Just Expanded Government-Funded Abortion Access

His decision marks the first time in over two decades that a state has voluntarily provided Medicaid-funded abortion care for low-income and disabled women.

Kentucky’s Only Abortion Clinic is Up Against Hundreds of Protestors This Month

Kentucky’s only abortion clinic is once again under siege by anti-abortion extremist group Operation Save America—and feminists are fighting back.

Q&A: Lizz Winstead on the Lady Parts Justice Comedy Tour “Exposing Sexist Sh*t Heads”

Ms. caught up with Winstead while she was on the road with the Vagical Mystery Tour to talk comedy, abortion access and reproductive justice in the face of aggressive anti-choice protestors.

This Clinic—And Its Community—Won’t Back Down

Cleveland’s only abortion providing clinic was vandalized repeatedly over a three week time span last month, resulting in a surge of support from the both the city and the reproductive justice community.

Uncovering the Story Left Out of Our Healthcare Discourse

A new study points to an absence of resources, the accumulation of excess wealth, intergenerational trauma and violence against women as factors contributing to women of color experiencing “far worse health and economic outcomes than their white counterparts.”

Attorneys Representing Anti-Abortion Extremists Refuse to Stop Endangering Providers

Attorneys representing anti-abortion extremists in California ignored a court-mandated gag order on the release of illegally obtained footage of doctors and clinic staff—putting providers at risk for harassment, threats and violence.

Advocates Are Fighting Baseless Anti-Abortion Laws State by State

Advocates are shining a light on anti-abortion laws that fly in the face of science and reason. And state by state, they’re fighting to stop them, once and for all.

Going on the Offensive for Abortion Rights

Advocates in red states are switching gears. They’re not just pushing back against anti-choice laws—they’re proposing pro-choice legislation of their own.

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