Misconceiving Reproduction


Standing on your head after sexual intercourse will not help you get pregnant, a study published recently in Fertility and Sterility confirms. Yet many women hold misconceptions like this about reproduction. The study, the first of its kind according to its Yale School of Medicine authors, surveyed a demographically representative sample of 1,000 women ages […]

Want Your Daughter to Succeed in Science? Have Her Swim With the Sharks!

Teen scientist

In 2012, for the fourth year in a row, women earned the majority of doctoral degrees awarded by U.S. universities—52.2 percent of the 67,220 doctorates, according to the Council of Graduate Schools. Broken down by field of study, women surpassed men in arts and humanities (53.6 percent of doctorates earned), education (67.6 percent), health sciences […]

When a Wife/Partner Succeeds, Men Lose Self-Esteem


Not long ago a friend’s first book was published, so when I arrived at her home for a visit I eagerly voiced my enthusiasm and congratulations for her accomplishment. Moments into the interaction, her husband strode across the living room to a bookcase and returned with a copy of a book he authored 15 years […]

Nixon’s Secret Feminists?

Nixon memo

This week, the Presidential Library of Richard M. Nixon released the remaining 340 hours of tape recordings from the famous hidden office recorder, along with thousands of pages of documents. Among a select group of memos is one from Lucy Winchester, the White House social secretary, to Nixon’s staff assistant Barbara Franklin, who was in charge of […]

Rape, Steubenville, Social Media: How About Another Sort of Super Bowl Sunday?

football helmet

This past Wednesday, the judge presiding over the “rape crew” trial in Steubenville ruled it would remain in town, open to the public and commence March 13. Rape, Steubenville and social media are already inextricably linked in both real life and cyberspace. A question remains: What ending will be etched digitally into history? It began […]

Another Barrier to Maternity Leave for Those Most in Need: Knowing About It


On Wednesday a new poll [PDF] was released that shows that people who are most likely to need paid family leave are least likely to be aware of programs that provide it. Specifically, California registered voters were surveyed to assess their awareness of the state’s groundbreaking Paid Family Leave Act, passed nearly 10 years ago. […]

Work-Life Balance? Forget It, Says Bloomberg Case Judge


At a time when work, workers and the workplace are “job one” for the struggling U.S. economy, it’s discouraging to find out that the nation just can’t get serious about taking half of its workforce seriously. The female half. I’m referring to Wednesday’s court decision in which  U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska dismissed a class-action discrimination […]

W.O.M.E.N.: Why Our Progress in Management Has Stalled

Women in Management

A recent Government Accounting Office report found that the number of women managers increased by only 1 percent between 2000 and 2007, from 39 to 40 percent. Women’s progress into management has stalled despite their equal representation in the workforce and their majority in colleges and universities, as noted in the study. Why such a […]

Even in a Recession, Flex Makes (Dollars and) Sense

Flextime Work

Flex time, job-sharing, compressed schedules, and telecommuting: these workplace practices are needed now more than ever. The key is for employers to recognize that all employees are an asset, not a liability, and that the net effect of flex increases the return on that asset. Even in a recession.

A Labor Market Punishing to (M)others


Today, New York Times writer David Leonhardt laudably asks why the labor market is so punishing to mothers. He notes an obvious pattern—that top posts in both the private and public sectors usually go to single or childless women. Then he makes a bizarre turn and blames U.S. feminists, for supposedly focusing on policies to […]