The Transformative Power of Women’s Anger

In her new book, “Rage Becomes Her,” writer and activist Soraya Chemaly explores our culture’s discomfort with women’s anger—and calls on women to defiantly express it anyway.

Five Ways We Can Get to 50/50 Onscreen

Despite the big opening predicted for the groundbreaking all-Asian cast in “Crazy Rich Asians,” a recent report revealed disappointing data for women in Hollywood—and particularly women of color—this week. It also offered solutions for getting closer to parity.

Racism, Research and Barriers to Better Health Outcomes for Women

Despite legislation passed over 20 years ago, women, and especially women of color, are still being left out of clinical trials. The health outcomes for women, and especially women of color, reflect this disparity.

Democracy in Color

It’s time for the media to report the stories of Black women in politics, and for white women leaders to support, elevate, celebrate and get behind the many women of color stepping forward into leadership. We have a lot to learn, and the country has a lot to gain.

This Summer, Go See Women-Centric Films!

Part of the process of repairing the pipeline for women in film, in all areas—producing, behind and in front of the camera — is on us.

This Is V-Day20: 20 Years Since I Met Eve

I first met Eve Ensler in a bombed-out theater in Sarajevo in 1998. She was already known by many as the playwright of the groundbreaking play, The Vagina Monologues, which she had performed off-Broadway as a one-woman show.

12 TED Talks That Define the Future of Feminism

“Feminism” was 2017’s word of the year. But still, I hear every day the question: “What does feminism actually mean?” Here are a dozen TEDWomen talks that help articulate the answer.

Looking at Hillary’s Nomination Through a Nordic Lens

While 2016 saw a US milestone with the presumptive nomination of Hillary Clinton, in Iceland, a woman on the ballot is not such a big deal.

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