Girls Need to Say “Math Is for Me”

Ideas about women not being “hardwired” to do math are falling like dominoes in the research area. But deep down, do girls and women really believe it? And will they take steps, as they grow, to make high-paying careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) a reality? New research finds that the answer may […]

“Neutering American Male” is Same Old, Same Old

The Neutering of the American Male, a new book by Jim Wysong, delivers a rotten Valentine to aspiring, achieving women who also take a healthy interest in having a good sex life. If men can’t be in charge, warns Wysong, a self-described Christian writer, their erotic feelings disappear. But don’t rush out and read this […]

The Myth of the “Girl Brain”

Has your local public school opened up a new all-girls classroom? Are you tempted to enroll your daughter in it?  After all, the principal may have offered up impressive evidence that girls learn in very different ways from boys, and this segregated classroom seems to be a great boon to girls. The idea that the […]

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