In the Age of Trump, Immigrant Survivors are Seeking Safety Underground

Latina women in the U.S. are taking the #MeToo movement home—and opening their doors to immigrant survivors of domestic abuse. As the Trump administration escalates attacks on their communities, the refuge these women provide has become ever more critical.

#CancelKavanaugh Continues: Sexual Assault Survivors Aren’t Done Rising Up

Regardless of how this fight ends, feminists have made clear that they’re not going silently into the night. Activists around the country will continue to protest Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination tonight and tomorrow.

Chilean Feminist Politician Michelle Bachelet Assumes Post as UN Human Rights Chief

Michelle Bachelet—the boundary-breaking former president of Chile, under-secretary general of the United Nations and executive director of UN Women—is now stepping into a new role in the world of global politics as the UN’s high commissioner for human rights. 

Creating Safe Spaces for Girls in Rural Niger

Seventy-six percent of girls in Niger are married before the age of 18.  Only 14 percent are enrolled in secondary school. Together, these two stark statistics shed immense light on the conditions shaping the lives of girls in the nation—and provide a blueprint for how to empower them.

Empowering Girls to Recognize Their Boundless Brilliance

What do you do when you’re faced with the knowledge that even young children have internalized the kinds of sexist notions that hold girls back? If you’re Audrey Shawley, you roll up your sleeves, grab your female friends and get to work smashing those preconceptions.

What Ranked Choice Voting Means for Feminist Candidates

Ranked choice voting provides an opportunity for a wider variety of candidates—and voters—to make the political victories they want to see in their communities possible.

Inside the Feminist Campaign to Make Misogyny a Hate Crime in the UK

When surveyed, a poll by Nottingham Trent University found that 93.7 percent of respondents had experienced or street harassment. When the Nottingham police began accepting reports of misogynistic actions as hate crimes, the number of reports skyrocketed.

Women in Congress are Calling on the Trump Administration to Fight for Imprisoned Saudi Arabian Feminists

Over the last few months, the Saudi Arabian government has imprisoned about 15 prominent feminist activists, most of whom led the fight to end the country’s driving ban. On Wednesday, Reps. Lois Frankel and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen released a formal letter urging Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to fight for their release. 

Closing the Gender Gap in Foreign Policy—One Byline at a Time

Only 15 percent of 3,758 articles in the largest newspapers in the U.S. about foreign policy from the last three years had women’s names in the bylines.

Immigration Advocates are Challenging the Trump Administration’s Anti-Woman Asylum Policies

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ so-called “expedited removal” policy is an effective death sentence for thousands of women and children—and advocates are fighting back. 

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