Welcome to Dietland

A new, feminist television series is barreling in full force to AMC this month with a scandalous proposition—that women should be unapologetically proud of who they are, regardless of their size.

The Portrayal is Political: Analyzing Abortion Onscreen

Television shows were more likely this year than in years prior to depict abortions as a means of bodily autonomy—but despite an insurgence of progressive and pointed political statements, many plot lines still missed the mark.

Federal Judge Rules Against Trump Administration’s Contraception Rules

The administration’s rules allow employers, universities and insurers to deny women access to comprehensive reproductive health care coverage by citing religious or moral objections.

Giving Women and Girls a Voice in Comedy

With the toxicity in comedy finally coming to light, this organization’s mission of providing a safe haven for women and girls to use and own their comedic voices is more important than ever.

Contraceptive Use in Poorer Nations is Increasing—And Saving Lives

Efforts to improve contraceptive access in poorer countries resulted in the prevention of 84 million unintended pregnancies, 26 million unsafe abortions and 125,000 maternal deaths in one year alone.

Exploited and Endangered: Female Factory Workers in Vietnam Open Up About Their Work Conditions

45 women in Vietnam divulged the harsh and inhumane factory conditions they face at Samsung plants in a landmark report.

Right-Wing Attempts to Discredit Roy Moore’s Accusers Are Failing

This time, victim-blaming has failed—demonstrating the power of a re-invigorated movement against rape culture from Hollywood to Washington.

Lawmakers Are Using Tax Reform Legislation to Push an Anti-Abortion Agenda

The latest tax reform bill enables the naming of fetuses as beneficiaries of college savings plans. That policy could codify the anti-abortion notion of “personhood” into law.

Catharsis for Women in Washington

Catharsis on the Mall, an annual art vigil highlighting social justice issues, will return to the National Mall this fall—and bring with it a colossal 45-foot tall sculpture of a female figure, which will face the White House.

Trump’s Trans Military Ban Declared Unconstitutional in District Court

The federal government is currently in the process of reviewing the injunction. In the interim, military protocol will “revert to the status quo”—wherein trans members can serve openly and future admittance is unrestricted. 

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