Lawmakers Are Using Tax Reform Legislation to Push an Anti-Abortion Agenda

The latest tax reform bill enables the naming of fetuses as beneficiaries of college savings plans. That policy could codify the anti-abortion notion of “personhood” into law.

Catharsis for Women in Washington

Catharsis on the Mall, an annual art vigil highlighting social justice issues, will return to the National Mall this fall—and bring with it a colossal 45-foot tall sculpture of a female figure, which will face the White House.

Trump’s Trans Military Ban Declared Unconstitutional in District Court

The federal government is currently in the process of reviewing the injunction. In the interim, military protocol will “revert to the status quo”—wherein trans members can serve openly and future admittance is unrestricted. 

Celebrating Women of Color “Solutionaries” in Detroit

20 women of color from Detroit identified by Grace Lee Boggs as “solutionaries” are working on revitalizing the economy and empowering their community. A new report telling their stories hopes to open up spaces for them at decision-making tables to play a bigger role in planning the city’s future.

We Heart: Cate Blanchett’s InStyle Awards Speech Shutting Down Sexism in Hollywood—and Beyond

“We all like looking sexy, but it doesn’t mean we want to fuck you.”

Women in Hollywood Have Had Enough

Women in Hollywood are mad as hell—and they’re not gonna take it anymore.

Economic Justice Isn’t Part of Trump’s Budget

The budget proposes $1.5 trillion in cuts to federal spending, setting its particular sights on the decimation of programs that aid lower income families, the elderly, students and women.

Celebrating Radical Women

The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles extolls artistic feminism and political activism in a new exhibition.

Fox News is Trying to Victim-Blame Its Way Out of New Sexual Assault Allegations

Former Fox News guest correspondent Scottie Nell Hughes filed a lawsuit against the network last week after it was reported that the network would not pursue further investigations into her sexual assault allegations against network commentator Charles Payne.

5 Big Wins for Women from This Year’s Emmy Awards

Women garnered groundbreaking wins at the 69th Annual Emmy Awards—and female-driven content made its way to the forefront.

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