We Heart: Girl Crush Media

Did you know there are a lot of people talking about girl crushes? Before today, neither did we. I set out this morning to write about Got A Girl Crush (GAGC), a terrific new magazine dedicated entirely to, you guessed it, girl crushes. Loosely defined, a girl crush is when you fervently admire another woman […]

Don’t Ms.: Guerrilla Girls, SlutWalk Cocktail Party, The Women of 9/11 and So Much More!

This week, amidst a whirlwind of parties, performances and screenings, we also take a few sober moments to reflect on the legacy of 9/11. Know of more feminist events happening this week? Add them to the comments! Everywhere: Ten years after 9/11 changed the lives of Muslim Americans, pick up the new essay collection I […]

No Comment: The Sexist T-Shirt J.C. Penney DIDN’T Remove

This week, feminists celebrated a victory when J.C. Penney halted the sale of a girls’ T-shirt that reads “Too pretty to do homework, so my brother has to do it for me.” The shirt, suggesting girls should be too consumed with their looks to care about being smart, was pulled from the company website after […]

EEOC Suing Crime Scene Cleaners for Sex Discrimination

Anyone who has seen the movie Sunshine Cleaning knows that crime scene clean-up is a gender-inclusive vocation. But according to Crime Scene Cleaners, an Oakland-based company that specializes in homicide, suicide and accidental death scene cleaning operations, this isn’t true. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is suing Crime Scene Cleaners for refusing to hire […]

Don’t Ms.: Gay Softball World Series, Rag Doll Demonstrations and So Much More!

Last week’s Don’t Ms. generated some feedback that we’re focusing too much on big metropolitan areas such as New York and Los Angeles. You’re right, but I swear we’re not trying to discriminate against smaller cities—we just have a hard time finding those events! This week we tried our best to remedy the problem while […]

“Miss Representation” Shows How Media Mistreats Women

“You never see the photograph of a woman, considered beautiful, that hasn’t been digitally altered to make her absolutely, inhumanly perfect.  Girls are being encouraged to achieve that ideal at younger and younger ages all the time. They end up measuring themselves against an impossible standard and feeling themselves wanting as a result.” — Jean […]

No Comment: Brilliant Boy, Beautiful Girl Sexist Cards for Infants

Last Monday, Feminist Law Professors blogged about an Instagram photo posted by The New York Times‘ small business writer Adriana Gardella. The photo (left) shows how far sexist messages have reached—all the way back to infancy. On top of the clearly stereotyped pink cards for girls and blue cards for boys, is the “insidious” (as […]

Boxed In: Small Screen Is Small World for Women

Martha M. Lauzen has done it again. The executive director of the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film does gender audits of the entertainment industry each year, releasing stats on women’s employment behind and in front of the camera. Unfortunately, industry execs don’t seem to have gotten the message yet. Lauzen’s […]

Don’t Ms.: The Written Bird, Circumstance and Much More!

Another week, another cornucopia of great feminist events. From rallies and readings to performances and art, get your fill of feminist fun: Philadelphia: It’s the last week to see Also, Books, a collection of art and books by four talented women: Lizz Hickey, Caroline Hwang, Aidan Koch and Beth Heinly. The collection features comic art, graphic […]

Update: Still No Justice for Jordan’s Garment Workers

Last week, the Ms. blog reported on the alleged rape of a Bangladeshi garment workers at a Classic Fashion garment factory in Jordan. Classic Fashion has roughly 5,000 employees–mostly guest-workers from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India who come to Jordan to earn more money than they could at home. The factory supplies garments to big-box […]

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