Unbecoming Women: Elizabeth Malaska’s “When We Dead Awaken II”

Though the women are solitary in Elizabeth Malaska’s When We Dead Awaken II, they are not alone.

Writing Her In: Wikipedia As Feminist Activism

Most of the feminist activism I do—whether it’s writing or teaching or protesting—requires a long view. A really long view. Sometimes I feel as if my feminist colleagues and I are saying and doing the same things over and over again, with little to no results to show for any of our work. And when […]

Feeling Thorny: Or, 10 Reasons Why I Love Women’s Pro Soccer And You Should, Too

I never thought I’d be the kind of person to greet a sports team at an airport dressed in red and holding a sign, but it appears I am. There I was at Portland International Airport September 1 with a crowd of hundreds of cheering, singing, red-clothes-wearing fans to welcome home the Portland Thorns, champions […]

Waterboarding in the Living Room

Twenty-two-year-old Trevor Case has been sitting in a Nebraska jail since late last month for allegedly waterboarding his girlfriend. After accusing Danielle Stallworth of cheating on him, according to police reports, Case tied Stallworth to the couch, stuffed socks into her mouth, bound her wrists with belts and hair ties, placed a shirt over her […]

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