Women on the Frontlines in Bahrain

The Persian Gulf island nation of Bahrain erupted on February 14 when protesters gathered at the “roundabout,” or Pearl Square, in the capital city of Manama. A country of one million, Bahrain’s citizens constitute only half the population, the rest being foreign workers. Tensions are intense between Shias–who constitute 70 percent of all citizens–and the […]

The Invisible Women of Tahrir Square, And What’s Ahead for Egypt

Iman Bibars, age 50, is euphoric on the phone from Cairo, “We regained our soul, our voice, our pride and now no other ruler can be a tyrant.” Having lived for 30 years under Mubarak’s repressive regime, Bibars is quick to give credit where it’s due: The Cyber Revolution was a gift from the Waiting […]

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