We Heart: The Perfect Comeback to a Sexist Jab

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Microaggressions are everywhere: at school (“You’re Asian, you must be good at math!”), at lunch (“Do you really need to eat that?”) and even in your own family (“So when are you having kids?”) Women face these kinds of sexist and racist jabs daily, and it’s not always possible to come up with a witty […]

Every City Needs a Trans Awareness Campaign Like this One


Vancouver is consistently named one of the most livable cities in the world, and its Park Board recently launched a program that’s making it even more appealing. Hillcrest Community Centre, built during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, became host this week to a series of posters raising awareness about the trans community and issues facing […]

We Heart: Badass Pregnant TV Reporter Standing Up to Body-Shamers

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Canadian meteorologist Kristi Gordon of Global News in British Columbia is visibly pregnant and still working every day. When some news viewers took issue with her changing body and sent hurtful letters to the station criticizing her appearance, Gordon made a gutsy move and took to the air to speak out against bullying. On a […]

The 5 Best Things Obamacare Has Done for Women


Five years ago today, the Affordable Care Act was signed into law. Since then, despite at least 50 attempts by Republicans to repeal the law and more than 100 court challenges to the Act’s contraceptive mandate, more than 16 million Americans have gained health coverage because of the ACA, according to the White House. “Five […]

We Heart: Terry Crews, Fierce Feminist


You might know that Terry Crews is a former NFL player or that he plays a sweet-tough cop on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But you may be surprised to learn that he’s also a badass feminist. Crews recently spoke to DAME magazine’s Alanna Schubach about masculinity, women in the workforce and rape culture in sports, and boy did he have some […]

NEWSFLASH: Gym Classes Opened to Saudi Girls


For the first time, schools in Saudi Arabia will offer gym classes to girls. As the country’s obesity rate for women and young people climbs, many welcome the change. “I think it’s a big deal because this is a way of acknowledging publicly that women need to get the same treatment or care that males […]

Hey Fashion Industry, Racism Is Never in Style

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The fashion industry really grossed me out over the past couple of weeks. Item One: Canadian designers Dean and Dan Caten’s Dsquaw collection at Milan Fashion Week. If you’ve never heard the term “squaw,” it’s a racist slang word referring to an indigenous North American woman (i.e. a First Nations woman in Canada. or a Native […]

Girls’ Education: A New Priority for the White House


The White House launched an initiative Tuesday aimed at combating girls’ reduced access to education around the globe. Let Girls Learn will use $250 million from the federal government and other sources, including private-sector donations, to fund programs dedicated to improving girls’ educational opportunities. Said President Obama in announcing the initiative: Wherever they live, whoever they […]

Leslie Knope’s 7 Greatest Feminist Achievements


Last night, fans of Parks and Recreation bid a fond and tearful farewell to their favorite city employee, Leslie Knope, as the series aired its final episode. Here at Ms., we were especially sad to say goodbye to Amy Poehler’s endlessly upbeat, hyper-motivated and earnest Knope—a public servant in Pawnee, Indiana—because she offered up a consistently wonderful portrayal […]

The Top 5 Most Feminist Oscars Moments

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While we’re not quite ready to call last night the #FeministOscars—there were some majorly ugh-worthy moments (hey, Sean Penn)—there was certainly lots to cheer for. Join us on a journey through the Oscars most feminist moments: 1. The #AskHerMore campaign ruled the red carpet. Reese Witherspoon got on board with the #AskHerMore campaign before the […]