It’s Time to Axe the Tampon Tax


Each month for a good chunk of her life, a woman will pay out wads and wads of cash to deal with her period. Buying pads, tampons, menstrual cups—whatever products you choose—is pretty much a nonnegotiable for menstruating women. On top of the baseline fees, however, most countries around the world, including the U.S., charge what’s […]

We Heart: Ellen DeGeneres’ Badass Clothing Line for Girls

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Last month, Gap released a line of clothes for girls that subverts gender norms and celebrates kids as they really are. And oh yeah, it’s designed by your favorite talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres. The promo videos—perhaps our favorite part of the GapKids x ED campaign—not only include a women’s empowerment anthem by Le Tigre (“Deceptacon”), but also […]

5 Bible Verses That Are Way More Graphic Than Fun Home


Several Duke University students announced this week that they would be skipping one title on the school’s recommended summer reading list: Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic, the acclaimed illustrated memoir by Alison Bechdel that became a Broadway musical and swept the Tony Awards this summer. The students cited religious concerns, saying that the Bible prohibits the viewing of […]

Twitter Announces Plan to Hire More Women


Social media giant Twitter announced a plan last week to hire more women and people of color. Overall, the company’s current employee roster includes 66 percent men and 34 percent women. It hopes to raise that to 35 percent women by 2016. Twitter’s workforce is 59 percent white overall, with another 31 percent of its staff of Asian descent. […]

White House Issues Reminder: Sex Without Consent Is Rape

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On Tuesday, the White House released a new star-studded public service announcement as part of its anti-rape campaign, It’s On Us, reminding viewers that sex without consent is rape. In the video, celebrities including Zoe Saldana, Matt McGorry, band members from HAIM and more explain in clear terms that if you don’t secure a partner’s […]

We Spleen: What the AP Called Amal Clooney


Last week, three journalists—Egyptian Canadian Mohamed Fahmy, Egyptian Baher Mohamed and Australian Peter Greste—were sentenced in Egypt to three years behind bars for their work with Al-Jazeera. The sentence was shocking, another example of the erosion of press freedom in Egypt, but the journalists are fighting back. Representing Fahmy is Amal Clooney, an esteemed human rights […]

A Survivor of Marriage-By-Abduction Speaks Out


In the Winter 2015 issue of Ms. we introduced readers to an Ethiopian-made film titled Difret, produced in part by Angelina Jolie. The film tells the true story of an Ethiopian girl who, after being victimized in the 1990s by the local discriminatory practice of telefa, or marriage-by-abduction, killed the man who had abducted and raped her. The […]

The Police Sex-Discrimination Case We Should Be Talking About


In December 2013, Colorado Springs’ Chief of Police Peter Carey introduced a physical abilities test (also known as a PAT) that all officers were required to pass. It involved push-ups, sit-ups and running exercises. The stated goal of the test was to create a “culture of fitness” on the force and to reduce work-related injuries, ostensibly […]

7 Eye-Rollingly Sexist Prom Policies


You’ve poured years of hard work and determination into your high school education. You’ve thought carefully about what to wear to your prom to express your truest self. You’re ready to have the best night of your young life and what happens? Your school says you can’t go to prom because they don’t approve of […]

In Wake of Friend’s Death, Feminist Students File Title IX Complaint

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On Thursday morning, members of the University of Mary Washington campus group Feminists United—along with the Feminist Majority Foundation—filed a Title IX complaint charging university administrators with failing to protect students from a “sexually hostile school environment.” The students had endured months of sexual harassment in person and online through an anonymous social app called […]