Picks of the Week: Gender and Justice Intersecting On-Screen

“Birds of Passage,” “Lorena” and “Kim Possible” will bring women-centered stories about crime and justice to big and small screens this weekend.

Picks of the Week: Three Awkward, Activist, Women-Driven Coming-of-Age Stories Streaming Now

“One Day at a Time,” “Song of Parkland” and “Pen15” bring modern girlhood—and activism—into sharp focus.

Picks of the Week: Complex, Female-Led Stories Come to Life in “Russian Doll” and “Daughter of Mine”

The gimmicky-sounding premise of “Russian Doll” gets taken to unexpectedly deep and dark places, and “Daughter of Mine” is a film filled to the brim with empathy. Both are out—on big and small screens—this weekend.

One Woman’s Search for Herself is at the Core of “I Am the Night”

For “Wonder Woman” fans, “I Am the Night” is a nice holdover until the blockbuster’s sequel lands in summer 2020.

“Capernaum” Tells a Universal Story—But it’s Hard to Watch

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