The Film That’s Taking on Campus Rape—And Winning


The Hunting Ground, a documentary directed by Kirby Dick and produced by Amy Ziering—the team behind The Invisible War—has received critical acclaim for bringing new light to the campus rape crisis facing schools across the country, and breaking the silence on sexual assault reports suppressed by college officials. Since its release in February, The Hunting Ground has screened at more than 700 universities, high schools, […]

Women and the Big Picture: New Study Reveals Gender Bias in Film Production


The Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego State University has released a new report that finds films with a female director employ more women in behind-the-scenes roles—such as writers, producers, editors and cinematographers—than those helmed by men. Women and the Big Screen, a first-of-its-kind study by Martha Lauzen, examined behind-the-scenes employment of over 5,800 […]

Fearless Feminist Reporter Nellie Bly Hits the Big Screen


Modern-day news consumers have long forgotten about 19th-century reporter Nellie Bly, despite the fact that she was the most impressive journalist of her time. Feminist, adventurer and ultimate risk-taker, she traveled around the world in 72 days, and pushed her way to the top of the male-dominated news industry. But she did her most impressive […]

Keira Knightley Accepts Pay Cut for the Chance to Play an Interesting Woman


Reprinted with permission from Women and Hollywood Two-time Oscar nominee Keira Knightley has revealed that she accepted the scale rate—or the minimum set by a union—of $1,300 a week to star in Therese Raquin, her Broadway debut. The movie star didn’t bristle about her pay cut because the job offered the opportunity to play a multi-faceted […]

Adele: “I’m a Feminist”


In case you needed another reason to love Adele, she offered one in a recent interview. While making the publicity rounds for her forthcoming album, 25, due out Nov. 20, the Grammy- and Academy Award-winning singer sat down with Rolling Stone to talk life, music, motherhood and more. And while she might not be aware that there’s a […]

Meet the Former Sex Worker Who’s Battling Prostitution

Screen shot 2015-11-03 at 12.37.47 PM

Toward the end of award-winning director Kim Longinotto’s new documentary, Dreamcatcher, the film’s subject, Brenda Myers-Powell, stands onstage in front of a room full of mostly women. Confident, passionate and determined, Brenda speaks to the gathered conference attendees and encourages them to keep an open mind. She’s brought a guest, Homer, a former pimp and sex trafficker, […]

New Coloring Book Lets You Create Your Own Feminist Icon

front cover outside

We’ve been writing a lot about feminist coloring books lately, including those designed for adults and kids. Well, now we’ve discovered one that caters to both audiences—and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. Created by Canadian artists Katrin Leblond and Iris Glaser, Colour Her: A Mix ‘n Match Colouring Book lets users create […]

How Chanel and Tribeca’s New Program for Women Filmmakers Falls Short


Just a few years ago, not many people were aware that the employment numbers of women directors in America was “criminally low.” The discussion about the exclusion and censorship of female voices from our nation’s media had not yet taken hold. Today, thanks to the powerful support of the ACLU and a strong surge of […]

KillJoy’s Kastle: Where Lesbian Feminist Tropes Go to Die


Pass through the Georgia O’Keefe-inspired vagina dentata and enter a world of lesbian feminist frights. Turn to your right and you’ll find a zombie folksinger gaily crooning away, strumming an acoustic guitar beneath a shimmering sign reading “Lesbian Rule.” If you’re in need of a restroom, turn to your left and walk through a door […]

A Feminist Guide to Horror Movies, Part 9: Be Careful What You Wish For


Apparently the spirits of Halloween can be quick to respond this time of year, because no sooner did I wish for a Gothic horror-based film that enables its young heroine to save herself and even her family without the help of men, whether dead or alive, than I found one on Netflix: Haunter, starring Abigail Breslin, is this […]