Not Another Abortion Movie: “Birthright” Tells the Stories of the War on Women

Birthright goes far beyond the single issue of abortion to spotlight how the anti-abortion movement is intricately connected to a vast number of other issues—and is endangering women’s lives.

Hollywood’s Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman deflected the bullets of male boycotters and smashed the box office glass ceiling. For any director, regardless of gender, achieving these feats is incredible. But for a woman to do so is a prayer answered.

Embracing the Amazons

Western culture remains exceptionally wary of these warrior women—even in the latest iteration of Wonder Woman.

A Haunting Tale of Self-Empowerment

The short film “August” combines wide-reaching elements—poetics, unconventional narration and the representation of marginalized characters—to create a bold artistic narrative of female entrapment and self-liberation.

Taking My Son To See Wonder Woman Was Just As Important As Taking My Daughter

In Trump’s America, our girls—and possibly, more importantly, our boys—need strong female role models.

Q&A: Cait Johnson and Judith Arcana on Abortion in Media and Making Ask for Jane

“Ask for Jane” tells the story of The Jane Collective, a group of women who helped others obtain abortions before Roe. We talked to the filmmaker and one of the Janes themselves about why it matters, now more than ever.

The Feminist Promise of Wonder Woman

In a world plagued by wars, terrorist acts and misogyny, the mythical existence of a Wonder Woman provides cathartic release and a fulfilling fantasy that our womanhood is a source of strength and leadership.

Feminists Respond to Wonder Woman

Feminists have a lot to say about Wonder Woman—and what it means to finally see her waging her fight for justice and equality in theaters.

When Will Wonder Woman Be a Fat, Femme Woman of Color?

Wonder Woman has come a far way. In all her majesty, she still has far to go.

Becoming Wonder Woman

I hatched a plan: I would wear her magic belt. I would save people from the bad guys. I would never feel scared again.

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