WATCH: “Maybe If It Were a Nice Room” Tells the Story of Too Many Survivors

Alicia Harris wanted to illustrate that rape can happen at home—a fact too many women, and men, unfortunately know first-hand.

How Ghostbusters Gave Girls a New Kind of Halloween

The Ghostbusters remake controversy is back from the dead this Halloween. Only this time it’s girls that are doing the haunting.

What Tomorrow Brings for Girls in Afghanistan

Despite progress, girls in Afghanistan continue to face various obstacles as they pursue an education. Beth Murphy captures some of these challenges in the documentary “What Tomorrow Brings.”

Q&A: Taj Paxton on Queer Women of Color in Filmmaking

“I am drawn to stories about women and it’s important to not apologize for that.”

Creating Space for Women in Film—One Program at a Time

For 16 years, Lunafest has traveled around North America annually to showcase short films “by, for, and about women.”

The Dangerous Practice of Unquoting a Smile

Widely recognized as the first feminist film in history, La Souriante Madame Beudet—The Smiling Madame Budet—is not quite the light afternoon treat.

Q&A: Suicide Kale’s Brittani Nichols, Jasika Nicole and Brianna Baker on Making Film More Inclusive

SuicideKale is a low-budget, LGBT-centered indie feature film defying Hollywood’s norms. Actors Brittani Nichols, Jasika Nicole, and Brianna Baker spoke with Ms. about diversity and inclusion in media.

The Missed Opportunity for “Bridget Jones’s Baby”

Maybe, in another’s decade’s time, Hollywood will finally be ready to show us dynamic, complex portrayals of women.

The Abuse of Leslie Jones Shows Us How Tokenism Sets the Stage for Hate

We need to be vigilant about how unconscious tokenism affects the perception of black women in popular media and beyond.

15 Years Later, Elle Woods is Still One of Our Favorite Feminists

Elle Woods has been around for 15 years. Here’s some of our favorite quotes from the timeless Legally Blonde.

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