Who Should Play the New Lara Croft?


In the midst of a dark summer for geek girls (sorry USA Today, one “lady” per movie, except for The Heat, does not constitute a good summer for women), a ray of light has finally broken through. MGM has announced it plans to reboot the Tomb Raider film franchise, and they’ve hired a female screenwriter: […]

“World War Z” More Feminist-Friendly Than the Book


Max Brook’s massively successful book World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War ultimately suggests the only way to survive the zombie apocalypse is by all-out war. His previous work, The Zombie Survival Guide, a mock-guide based on World War II survival manuals, proffers a similar message–that once zombies are in the picture, […]

Man of Steel: Wonderful Women, Super Masculinity


Amy Adams is amazing as Lois Lane in Man of Steel. Her version of Lois is fearless, witty and wise. Diane Lane and Ayelet Zurer as the respective mothers of Superman are also amazing, as is the fact that both Superman’s Kryptonian mother, Lara Lor-Van (played by Zurer), and his human mother, Martha Kent (played […]

Where Have You Gone, Sarah Connor?


Summer always makes me a bit nostalgic for childhood. I remember fondly the excitement of being out of school, the long days with nothing to do but read and the cool refuge from the hot Texas sun provided by a matinee of a summer blockbuster at the local movie theater. Unfortunately, this summer’s action movies […]

The Fight to Keep Merida Brave Is Not Over


Earlier this week, Disney fans became outraged by the company’s decision to include Merida, of the animated feature Brave, in its new line of sleeker, sexier princesses. Admired for her tomboyish spunk and dudeless story arc, Merida stands out from princesses before her in ways that can be considered revolutionary for women in animated film. For this reason, […]

Disney’s Not-So-Brave Makeover

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UPDATE: The L.A. Times reports that, according to a Disney representative, the company has no intention of abandoning its “sexier” new depiction of Merida, which will illustrate a limited run of products, including backpacks and pajamas. The rep said that the previous version of Merida would still be available on other Disney products. Bravery comes […]

Iron Man 3: The Series Drones On


In this third foray of the man in the Iron Suit with a weak heart but a strong libido, female characters fare a bit better than they did in the first two Iron Man films. Pepper Potts (played by Gwyneth Paltrow, she is Iron Man/Tony Stark’s girlfriend and the CEO of his company, Stark Industries) […]

“Gatsby” Gets Flappers Wrong


Have you heard? There’s a new swell in town named Gatsby, and he’s bringing flapper flair back into fashion. Baz Luhrmann’s latest cinematic spectacle—his take on The Great Gatsby—promises to be a sensational commercial for Prada and Brooks Brothers, who partnered with Luhrmann’s wife, costume designer Catherine Martin, on the film’s clothing. But if you think […]

The New Evil Dead: Another Lesson in Masculinity. And Tree Rape.


SPOILER ALERT: This post contains major spoilers. Also, TRIGGER WARNING: RAPE. I am not really into gore for gore’s sake: When I go to horror movies, I want to be held in suspense and suddenly surprised, not just grossed out. Luckily for Sam Raimi fans, the new version of the 1981 cult classic The Evil […]

The Host: Less Anti-Feminist than Twilight, but Hardly a Sisterhood Manifesta


I readily admit I did not read The Host. I couldn’t face it after immersing myself in all things Twilight while researching my book Seduced by Twilight. I started it, but less than 20 pages in I couldn’t stomach any more of Stephenie Meyer’s purple, flaccid prose. No, I agree with Nicki Gerlach—that “Meyer is […]