On (Women) Artists: Kathamann, O’Keeffe and the Two Louises

“I’m a painter who happens to be a woman,” Kathamann tells me. We are in her snug Santa Fe house where artwork blossoms from every crevice.

Pussyhats of the Past: 10 Times Feminist Fiber Art Made History

Women have taken to textile for generations as a means of making political statements.

Q&A: Ivette Cabrera on Celebrating Women’s Power

“It takes a lot of resilience to be a women, even more than we are given credit for, but I think that if we inspire a new generation of girls that see their potential then we can develop better societies for future generations to come.”

Q&A: Mary Engelbreit on Art as Activism and Doing Something About It

“I’m going to do exactly what I want and you know exactly what I feel. And if some[customers] don’t like it, they don’t have to buy it.”

Q&A: Laura Raborn’s Art Uses Trump’s Words to Support Planned Parenthood

Laura Raborn recently began filling her studio with mixed media pieces incorporating Donald Trump quotes that left her shocked and bereft.

PHOTO ESSAY: The Girls Standing Up To Patriarchy in India

As they take out their ‘Stop Child Brides’ branded notebooks out of their ‘We Can’ bags, there is a palatable sense of excitement in the room.

The Imaginary Beings of the Women’s March

These images of monumental, formidable women commemorate and celebrate the Women’s March movement.

8 Feminist Art Exhibitions Open in the New Year

Why not start off the new year by getting inspired by dynamic women artists?

A Mother’s Right

Michelle Hartney is an artist focused on the injustices women face when they give birth.

Creative Complaining: The Guerilla Girls Revisit “It’s Even Worse in Europe”

In re-examining their 1986 work, the Guerrilla Girls have shaped a new enquiry. Now, the declaration is transformed to pose a question.: Is it even worse in Europe?

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