Revisiting The Right to Be Cold

Sheila Watt-Cloutier’s The Right to be Cold is the feminist book we need to weather the climate crisis.

Becoming Wonder Woman

I hatched a plan: I would wear her magic belt. I would save people from the bad guys. I would never feel scared again.

The Wonder Woman Franchise Should Celebrate its Multi-Racial Roots

Wonder Woman provided hope for me that women may someday be valued and no longer underestimated. I wonder what might have happened if I had also gotten a chance to get to know Wonder Woman’s black twin sister, Nubia.

Q&A: Roxane Gay on Authenticity, Likability and Resistance

“I love when people give a damn and are invested in things, trivial and not. Ambivalence is boring.”

Q&A: Amy Brenneman on Defining—and Devoting Herself to—Feminism

“Calling myself a feminist says to the world that my life’s work is to speak for all those whose voices are drowned out.”

Liberating Words: “The Hunter”

The darkness
Like an envelope
Swallows her

Five Female Poets on Identity and Migration

Their ability as artists to employ language, landscape and code switching is exceptional. Now, more than ever, their poems and perspectives are needed in the public sphere.

Q&A: Alysia Reiner on Using The “F” Word

“I don’t know if I actually truly knew what the ‘F’ word meant till I went to the Women’s March… Then and there I knew in every cell of my body.”

Liberating Words: “Do You Know Who I Am?”

Inside the walls I am agreeable
I coach my face into understanding
And smile and nod emphatically

Q&A: Comedian Kelli Dunham on Storytelling as a Radical,Transformative Act

“Sharing stories saves lives—and it’s low tech, easy access way to build community.”

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