“A Thousand Times Goodnight” — The Work/Family Conflict Goes to War


A Thousand Times Goodnight goes way beyond the usual conversation about how a woman can balance the competing demands of work and family. It illuminates the profound moral quandary at the heart of the conflict, heightened because this mother’s work not only takes her away from her family: It can also kill her. Rebecca (Juliette […]

Forgotten Women of Film History: Marion Wong

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The second installment of our “Forgotten Women of Film History“ series shines the spotlight on the earliest known Chinese American film director, Marion Wong. While there are conflicting reports about the exact dates of her birth and death, it is believed that Wong was born in 1895 in the San Francisco Bay Area and lived there until […]

To Lena Dunham, the Personal is Political

Not That Kind of Girl

It’s easier to explain Lena Dunham’s new book, Not That Kind of Girl, by explaining what it’s not: It’s not a self-help book, nor an attempt to quell Dunham’s critics. It’s not drowning in narcissism, nor the author’s affinity for nudity. Rather, the reader is introduced to Lena: a self-aware, unashamed and extremely funny woman. […]

Geena Davis to Filmmakers: “Add More Female Characters”


Last week, the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media (GDIGM) hosted their 2nd Global Symposium in Los Angeles to share the findings of a new study examining how women are portrayed in films—and how often they get cast at all. The event featured keynote speakers such as institute namesake Davis, study leader Dr. Stacy L. Smith, PhD. and […]

10 Must-Read Books for Young Feminists


It seems fitting to award Malala Yousafzai the Noble Peace Prize just days before International Day of the Girl. Malala’s mission—advocating for girls’ access to education—aligns with the sentiment behind the United Nations-recognized day: International Day of the Girl celebrates and advocates for gender equality, including ensuring girls have educational opportunities, on a global scale. […]

Forget “The November Man” — Try “Homeland,” “Hunted” or “Haywire” Instead

novemberman ad

You don’t have to be a feminist to not like The November Man. You just have to be someone who likes good movies. Even though I grew up watching sexist James Bonds films with my real-life CIA dad, this movie is worse. Not only does the film specialize in putting women down, but the female […]

Hey, Maroon 5! Stalking Isn’t Edgy


While Maroon 5’s “Animals” probably won’t be as big of a hit as Robin Thicke’s consent-ignorant “Blurred Lines,” “Animals” has taken the narrative of questionable consent and doubled-down with a music video that blatantly glorifies stalking and sexual violence against women. No blurred lines here. Lead singer Adam Levine plays a self-conscious, glasses-wearing butcher who stalks […]

What’s Missing From the Gone Girl Debate? Privilege!


  WARNING: THIS PIECE CONTAINS SPOILERS Gone Girl has been called misogynist, an amalgamation of negative stereotypes of women, a text that perpetuates rape culture, and a narrative that fuels men’s rights activists’ ugly depiction of the gender equality feminists are trying to achieve. Putting the talent of the author aside—because I do think Gillian Flynn […]

Forgotten Women of Film History: Alice Guy


Spielberg. Scorsese. Tarantino. Lucas. Hitchcock. When we think of filmmakers, we often think of men. It’s not surprising, considering a recent study by the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film found women account for only 16 percent of directors, writers, executive producers, producers, editors and cinematographers working on the top films. But the film industry wasn’t […]

Subverting the “Girlie” Calendar: October


Ms. October I do adore October’s blue sarong, the sliding slits along her whistling hips, and I would die to kiss her ruby lips for all the wet and rotting leaf night long. A “girlie calendar” makes one think of men’s lockers, walls of auto repair shops or a military barracks: They’re typically collections of […]