Q&A: Comedian Kelli Dunham on Storytelling as a Radical,Transformative Act

“Sharing stories saves lives—and it’s low tech, easy access way to build community.”

Liberating Words: “A Conversation in America in Early November”

And besides, we don’t need a woman in the White House right now.
You can take me off your call list.
I hang up on an America I don’t recognize

Liberating Words: “Their Medicine, My Drug”

I don’t know how old I’ll be
when I find myself.

Liberating Words: “Hatred”

I hate my hair,
so I shaved it off.
And now I don’t have hair to hate.
Now I hate my legs.

Liberating Words: “Growing Up”

His blue blanket
Her pink one
His piles of Legos
Her pretty Barbie dolls

8 Hidden Biblical Themes in “The Handmaid’s Tale”

At the heart of Margaret Atwood’s book lies a biblical story that provided blueprints for a patriarchal dystopia.

Liberating Words: “Hallowed Halls”

“I wonder why I am so scared.”

Liberating Words: “Girl Crush”

She makes me want to scream

And break all the rules
Her hair smells like a Dunkin iced coffee with cream
And her boyfriend is such a fucking tool.

Liberating Words: “Her Armor”

to face the day she puts on her armor and wields a sword
the metal plates gleam with gold lining
(a soft metal
but pretty)

Liberating Words: “No Boys Allowed”

No boys allowed
For either of you.

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