THE LIST 2016: Spotlighting Unproduced Plays by Women and Trans Folks

Each play on 2016’s LIST, which delves into genres like science fiction and romance, proves how abundant diverse storytelling—and storytellers—can be.

It Took Broadway a Century to Bring a Musical Like This to the Stage

It only took Broadway a century, but the first musical with an all-women creative team is finally debuting at the end of this month in New York. The musical, Waitress, features a female director, choreographer, book writer and song writer (Sara Bareilles, switching from chart-topping hits to musical theater). Yet the production’s feminist roots go back […]

Survive, Resist, Endure: Bringing Native Women’s Struggles to Life on Stage

Typing the word “survivance” into the Ms. Blog’s search bar yields no results. So perhaps there is no better way to introduce this term here, as theorized in Native American circles of academe, than via Mary Kathryn Nagle’s play Sliver of a Full Moon. Sliver is a dramatization of the legislative struggle to reauthorize the Violence […]

How One Simple List is Changing the Face of American Theatre

According to a recent study, only 22 percent of plays produced in the United States are written by women. That means, if life worked like theatre, 4 out 5 things you ever heard would be said by men. But a Los Angeles-based gang of badass women playwrights and theatre makers are attempting to rewrite this narrative. […]

Women are Being Kept Out of Irish Theatre and a Group of Artists Is Fighting Back

Comedian and writer Maeve Higgins had some strong words for her native Ireland during a recent symposium in New York: “[It’s] a wet little rock full of men telling us what we can and cannot do.” She was speaking at Fordham University at Lincoln Center in support of the Waking the Feminists movement, a collective […]

Lupita Nyong’o and the Value of Visibility

This article appears in the spring 2016 issue of Ms. Subscribe today to read more from the current issue featuring cover woman Lupita Nyong’o! After appearing in North America’s highest-grossing movie of all time this winter—Star Wars: The Force Awakens—Lupita Nyong’o has turned up in an unexpected place. Not as wife to Will Smith’s doctor in […]

Keira Knightley Accepts Pay Cut for the Chance to Play an Interesting Woman

Reprinted with permission from Women and Hollywood Two-time Oscar nominee Keira Knightley has revealed that she accepted the scale rate—or the minimum set by a union—of $1,300 a week to star in Therese Raquin, her Broadway debut. The movie star didn’t bristle about her pay cut because the job offered the opportunity to play a multi-faceted […]

KillJoy’s Kastle: Where Lesbian Feminist Tropes Go to Die

Pass through the Georgia O’Keefe-inspired vagina dentata and enter a world of lesbian feminist frights. Turn to your right and you’ll find a zombie folksinger gaily crooning away, strumming an acoustic guitar beneath a shimmering sign reading “Lesbian Rule.” If you’re in need of a restroom, turn to your left and walk through a door […]

Women Comedians You Should Be Watching This Summer

The season three finale of Inside Amy Schumer aired last week, so we know some of you may feel starved for seriously funny—and feminist—TV. We’re here to help! Enjoy our mix of stand-up comedians, actors and YouTube stars as you wait for Schumer’s triumphant return. Get Ms. in your inbox! Click here to sign up for the Ms. newsletter. Photo of Cameron Esposito courtesy of Flickr […]

An Open Letter to Jerry Seinfeld

Dear Jerry Seinfeld, I heard you on ESPN radio the other day. You were talking to Colin Cowherd about how you write jokes, where you like to perform and how much you love Colin Cowherd. I have to be honest, Jerry, you two were losing me until Colin broached the subject of political correctness and […]

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