6 Poetry and Prose Collections Feminists Should Read This Summer

Now more than ever, poets and prose writers have been creating work that advocates for social justice, provides a space for important voices to be heard and moves readers with their powerful language.

Liberating Words: “The Hunter”

The darkness
Like an envelope
Swallows her

Five Female Poets on Identity and Migration

Their ability as artists to employ language, landscape and code switching is exceptional. Now, more than ever, their poems and perspectives are needed in the public sphere.

Liberating Words: “Do You Know Who I Am?”

Inside the walls I am agreeable
I coach my face into understanding
And smile and nod emphatically

Liberating Words: “A Conversation in America in Early November”

And besides, we don’t need a woman in the White House right now.
You can take me off your call list.
I hang up on an America I don’t recognize

Liberating Words: “Their Medicine, My Drug”

I don’t know how old I’ll be
when I find myself.

Liberating Words: “Hatred”

I hate my hair,
so I shaved it off.
And now I don’t have hair to hate.
Now I hate my legs.

Liberating Words: “Growing Up”

His blue blanket
Her pink one
His piles of Legos
Her pretty Barbie dolls

Liberating Words: “Hallowed Halls”

“I wonder why I am so scared.”

Liberating Words: “Girl Crush”

She makes me want to scream

And break all the rules
Her hair smells like a Dunkin iced coffee with cream
And her boyfriend is such a fucking tool.

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