#EnoughIsEnough: Inside a New Feminist Campaign To End Sexual Violence and Harassment

A coalition of powerful feminist organizations are taking aim at sexual violence and harassment in workplaces and schools—and the patriarchal systems that allow them to remain pervasive.

One Year After Standing Rock, Women Remain at the Front of Indigenous Fights Against Big Oil

What happened in Standing Rock launched an explosive year for Native American activism, and a new crop of leaders has risen in the fight for environmental justice. Many of them are women.

Looking Back, Moving Forward: Anita Hill, #MeToo and What Comes Next

Anita Hill’s testimony raised awareness about sexual harassment and mobilized women and girls to fight back on multiple fronts. The #MeToo movement has, too.

Harvesting Hope for Women Farmworkers

Over 60 percent of female farmworkers in a 2010 study said they had experienced some form of sexual harassment. A 2012 report of 52 female farmworkers found that almost all of them had experienced sexual violence. One group is fighting back—and they need support.

Peace Heroes: Ahlem Nasraoui Fights Terrorism in Tunisia with Entrepreneurship

Tunisia ranks among the highest per capita exporters of extremists in the world. Ahlem Nasraoui believes youth bear the torchlight for change.

Standing with Fearless Girl in the Fight for Constitutional Equality

“New York City cannot afford to remove this reminder. She is the child of liberty. If she can make it here, she can make it anywhere.”

Inside Ocho Tijax: Meet the Women in Guatemala Offering Support in the Face of Horror

These women weren’t really activists: They were a graphic designer, a journalist, a sociologist, a dentist and a photographer driving to Hogar Seguro Virgen de la Asunción in Guatemala. By the time they arrived, emergency workers were bringing out survivors and bodies.

The Ms. Q&A: Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Alicia Garza on Getting Intersectionality Right

“What does it mean that intersectionality is now being talked about as some kind of weird diversity project as opposed to an analysis of how power interacts with itself and each other? And what is at stake when we don’t get it right?”

Band of Sisters: Gloria Steinem and Yoko Ono Join Hundreds to Remember Kate Millett

“I wouldn’t have missed this revolution, not for love or money. I remain forever loyal to that moment in time, that collective awakening, which set me free from my former life as a girl.”

Women Speak: Ruth Nyambura Insists On A Feminist Political Ecology

“What we need are truly radical and revolutionary transnational movements, not small cocoons.”

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