Girls v. the U.S. Government

Young women are taking the lead in a historic climate-justice lawsuit.

Feminists Want to #DitchTheList—and Let Voters Decide the Fate of the Supreme Court

Justice Anthony Kennedy’s imminent retirement gives President Trump an opportunity to fill yet another seat on the Supreme Court, leaving feminist lawmakers and advocates in the fight of their lives. One of their rallying cries? #DitchTheList.

Seeing Red

Crumbling classrooms, 25-year-old textbooks and insulting pay? Teachers are not going to take it anymore. With their #REDforED rallies and walkouts, our nation’s predominantly female educators are reminding us of the lesson we learned in kindergarten: Listen to the teachers.

Rallying for Migrant Families

Across the United States, more than 750 rallies, some with tens of thousands of attendees, streamed through streets, crossed over bridges and surrounded federal buildings to demand justice for migrant families at the U.S. / Mexico border as part of the #FamiliesBelongTogether National Day of Action. 

Don’t Ask Us to be Civil in the Face of Violence

We don’t need to be civil in the face of abuse. We need to be strong and strategic.

Families Belong Together: How to Be a Part of Tomorrow’s National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice

On Saturday, activists around the country will come together to send a powerful message to Donald Trump: Families Belong Together.

Reproductive Rights Activists Aren’t Backing Down After NIFLA

Activists took to the streets Tuesday in protest of the Supreme Court’s ruling in NIFLA v. Becerra, which effectively gave the often religiously-affiliated anti-abortion fake clinics permission to continue manipulating and deceiving patients.

Akila Radhakrishnan is Now at the Helm of the Global Justice Center’s Powerful Work for International Human Rights

Radhakrishnan will bring a powerful feminist lens to her work at the Global Justice Center, which fights for human rights worldwide.

It’s Their Turn: Low-Wage Workers Launched a Coalition to Fight Sexual Harassment

First came #MeToo. Then, #TimesUp. Now, another rallying cry has emerged in the fight against sexual harassment: Our Turn.

Looking Back and Looking Up: How Feminism Has Reshaped Youth Activism

Watching Parkland activist Emma Gonzalez boldly take the microphone during the Never Again march brought me to tears of joy—and, more, a little envy. 

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