We Are All Feminists Now

In the wake of the Kavanaugh fallout, how can we not feel the fierce urgency of feminism?

#CancelKavanaugh: Survivors in Los Angeles Spoke Out in Support of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

A large crowd gathered in front of Los Angeles City Hall Friday as part of a nationwide day of action that followed in the wake of a Senate Judiciary Committee vote to advance the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, who is facing mounting allegations of sexual assault and sexual misconduct, to the Supreme Court. When the […]

Marching On for Survivors Nationwide

The Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday heard testimony from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford about the night she alleges Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape her. Committee Chair Chuck Grassley proceeded with a scheduled vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination this afternoon despite calls for a delay from lawmakers and advocates alike. Feminists across the country rose up […]

Ele Não: Women Stand United Against the “Brazilian Trump”

Much like the millions who have taken to the streets to protest the Trump administration, women are sounding the alarm on the danger Jair Bolsonaro poses to Brazil’s young and complicated democracy—and forming the front line in the fight to oppose his candidacy. 

Our Civic Duty: Feminists Vow to Fight on After Christine Blasey Ford’s Historic Testimony

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford yesterday testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about her allegations that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were both in high school. On Capitol Hill and across the country, survivors and their allies rose up to support her.

We Heart: The Full-Page Ads Declaring Solidarity with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

Advocates and allies showed their support for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as she prepared to testify today before the Senate Judiciary Committee about allegations that Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape her in high school—with full-page declarations of solidarity in major publications.

Lawmakers Should #BelieveSurvivors—and Stop Kavanaugh

Feminists across the country today staged a national walk-out and moment of solidarity with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez—the two women who have accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, and are demanding investigations and a chance to speak their truth.

Dozens of Feminists Protesting Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination Were Arrested on Capitol Hill

Feminist activists blocked the entrances to Senate offices yesterday, chanting in support of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who came forward late last week with sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Over 50 were arrested—but feminists refuse to be silenced.

#MeTooMcDonalds: Fast-Food Workers Just Made History with a Nationwide Strike Against Sexual Harassment

In the midst of the #MeToo movement, low-wage workers aren’t backing down. Across the country this week, the fight to end sexual harassment moved from the silver screen to the golden arches.

Peace Heroes: Deeyah Khan is Deconstructing Extremism with Documentary Film

Renowned documentary filmmaker Deeya Khan is recognized as a leader in the entertainment industry and on the human rights and peace-building scene. She spoke to Ms. about her work, her vision and what she’s learned about extremism by confronting it face-to-face.

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