That Thing She Had One Time: Exploring Abortion Stigma On Screen

“You’re going to have to come back in five days. You’re too early to schedule an abortion.” This is the moment when Jordan collapses into tears.

The Ms. Q&A: Carlos Izcaray’s Year of the Women is Only the Beginning

On February 23, a new vision for classical music will resound in Los Angeles when the American Youth Symphony celebrates their 2018/19 season, which they’ve dubbed “The Year of the Woman.” AYS Music Director and legendary performer, conductor and instrumentalist Carlos Izcaray talked to Ms. about how he’ll continue steering its powerful vision for progress after the season ends.

Picks of the Week: Gender and Justice Intersecting On-Screen

“Birds of Passage,” “Lorena” and “Kim Possible” will bring women-centered stories about crime and justice to big and small screens this weekend.

The Imaginary Beings of the Feminist-Fueled Resistance

The latest installment in my collage series “The Catalogue of Imaginary Beings,” in which I build larger-than life portraits out of collage material, celebrates powerful women leading the resistance—from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the millions of us who marched on this January.

We Heart: SNL’s Tribute to the Feisty and Fed-Up “Women of Congress”

“Once upon a time, there were women. Then they became fed-up women. Then they became Congresswomen.”

Unfiltered: Why Jessica Abo’s Book is the Perfect Galentine’s Day Pick

“Unfiltered” feels like a good talk with the one friend who can shake you out of a rut and get you back on track.

2019 Reads for the Rest of Us

These are the books written by Black and Latinx women, women of color and Indigenous women writers; lesbian, bisexual, aro/ace, queer, intersex, transgender and gender non-conforming writers; international writers; writers who are disabled, neurodivergent, justice involved or living in poverty; or any number of other writers whose stories haven’t been as visible coming out in 2019 that I can’t wait to read.

Menstrual Equity’s Red Carpet Moment

Rayka Zehtabchi stands out in this year’s pool of Academy Award nominees for Best Documentary Short—not only because she’s the only woman among them, but because her film “PERIOD. END OF SENTENCE.” also tells a uniquely female story that emerged from a transnational feminist coalition fighting for menstrual equity.

The Ms. Q&A: What Alexandra Robbins Learned as an Undercover Greek

Writing an anti-fraternity manifesto would likely have been an infinitely easier choice—but instead, Alexandra Robbins sought successfully to weave hope from chaos in “Fraternity: An Inside Look at a Year of College Boys Becoming Men.”

The Gender Gaps Shaping the Grammys

New research from the USC Annenberg Inclusivity Initiative shows that the music industry at-large has far to go when it comes to women’s representation.

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