We Heart: Amy Poehler’s Hollywood Reporter Reality-Check

When The Hollywood Reporter asked comedian Amy Poehler a lighthearted series of questions as part of their “40-ish Most Powerful People in Comedy,” she didn’t respond in kind.

Frances McDormand Rides Again

Frances McDormand ended her acceptance speech at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony with an emphasis on two powerful words: “inclusion rider.” On Wednesday, she reflected on her speech—and decorated her own backside with the phrase—at Women in Film’s Crystal+Lucy Awards.

Dark Chapter: Why Winnie M. Li Wrote About Rape

“In some ways, I wanted the reader to be enraged. “

The Lesbian Poets of Headmistress Press: Amy Lauren and Wendy DeGroat in Conversation

Two lesbian poets talk about sexism, bird songs and the image of God.

Ms. Muse: Samantha Thornhill on Calypso Culture, Lost Black Lives and Spirit Channeling

Poet, educator and spoken word artist Samantha Thornhill shares two new poems—and talks to Ms. about writing lost Black lives and the Black women poets who changed her life.

Existential Striptease

In the dim light of a strip club, in prose that manages to be both suitably halting and lyrical, Lisa Birnbaum’s latest novel asks seductive questions as it disrobes a memorable character.

The C-Word You Should Never Call a Woman

If it makes you a “C-word” to stand up for yourself, to work hard, to speak truth to power, to not let a man take advantage of your body, to fight for the rights of marginalized voices—then yes, vagina, I am a cunt!

Welcome to Dietland

A new, feminist television series is barreling in full force to AMC this month with a scandalous proposition—that women should be unapologetically proud of who they are, regardless of their size.

The Lesbian Poets of Headmistress Press: Freesia McKee and Farrell Greenwald Brenner in Conversation

Lesbian poets Freesia McKee and Farrell Greenwald Brenner talk libraries, poetry as possibility and the solidarity between a writer and their readers.

Reflections in Oshun’s Mirror: Beyoncé Mass, the Royal Wedding and Highly Visible Black Girl Magic

Days before waking up in the wee hours to watch the wedding of American actor Meghan Markle and British royal Prince Harry, I was already pondering the meaning of a different service: “Beyoncé Mass,” held at the Grace Cathedral Church in San Francisco.

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