The Top 10 Feminist Pop Culture Shake-Ups of 2017

2017 certainly qualifies as the year of feminist resistance, punctuated with these memorable, quirky and provocative moments in pop culture.

Bookmarks: Feminist Reads for Winter

These six books will keep you busy—and inspired to keep fighting—as we start off 2018.

Coming Out, Unusually

Sometimes the deeper struggle in coming out rests with the process of simultaneously discovering and creating one’s sexual identity. It is her willingness to probe this process that makes Lori Horvitz’s memoir The Girls of Usually so refreshing and engaging to read.

Good Morning, Gracie: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Takes Center Stage

Amy Sherman-Palladino, the wit behind Gilmore Girls, has created another comedy that perfectly hits the mark with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Homegrown Hero

Even under Taliban rule, an Afghan girl could become the hero of her own story.

The Portrayal is Political: Analyzing Abortion Onscreen

Television shows were more likely this year than in years prior to depict abortions as a means of bodily autonomy—but despite an insurgence of progressive and pointed political statements, many plot lines still missed the mark.

When Will The Golden Globes Recognize Women Directors?

The nominees for Best Director—released this week in the midst of a feminist reckoning in Hollywood—are all white and male, continuing a long history of sexism at the Golden Globes.

Giving Women and Girls a Voice in Comedy

With the toxicity in comedy finally coming to light, this organization’s mission of providing a safe haven for women and girls to use and own their comedic voices is more important than ever.

Reading Film Reviews While Female

I was young when I became a devotee of male reviewers. Their words are stored in my memory like shards of glass in skin.

We Need Women’s Voices in Media—Beyond Their Stories About Powerful Men

The #MeToo stories flooding the media landscape are giving women voice. Will they grant women more credence beyond the wake of Weinstein?

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