Actor and Director Karen Allen Wants More Progress in Hollywood

A lot has changed since Marion Ravenwood punched Indiana Jones. But not enough.

The Nasty Women of Silent Cinema

The nasty women of silent cinema represent crucial traces of feminist media culture from the early twentieth century—and reveal the power of new media to make visible transformative notions of femininity and female identity.

Women in Hollywood Have Had Enough

Women in Hollywood are mad as hell—and they’re not gonna take it anymore.

Singer-Songwriter Mia LJ is Using the Last Legs of Humanity to Push Out Powerful Messages

Only 19 years old, Jeune is down-to-earth, thoughtful and sure of herself—and she’s using music to leave her mark on the fraught world we live in.

Will 2017 Be the Year of Hollywood’s Feminist Reckoning?

The kinds of stories women are telling about Harvey Weinstein and other men in entertainment aren’t new. But something is different now: The accused are facing consequences.

What Will Happen As More and More Women Tell the Truth About Their Lives—And the Sexism of Men in Power?

Breaking the silence is only the first step—but the stories women are opting to tell about men like Bill O’Reilly, Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein could mark giant leaps.

Writing Resistance: Literature as the Antidote to Despair

We are also a nation that has produced gifted writers able to unmask ignorance, corruption, hypocrisy and knee-jerk nationalism—often with a faith that recognizing these alarming flaws is a first step towards becoming the kind of society that rejects them.

Harvey Weinstein is Hollywood: The Industry’s Culture of Harassment Needs a Rewrite

The accusations against Harvey Weinstein are disturbing, jarring, uncomfortable, strange—and it is long past time for Hollywood to commit to making them uncommon and unacceptable.

What Doesn’t Kill Me: Exposing the Revictimization of Domestic Violence Survivors

Rachel Meyrick’s documentary film What Doesn’t Kill Me raises much-needed awareness of domestic violence and an issue many have never heard of: court-licensed abuse.

25 Feminist Celebrities and Creatives Inspiring (and Illustrating!) the Resistance on Instagram

Follow away! (And shout out your own favorite feminist Instagram accounts in the comments!)

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