Getting to The Good Place

A sitcom centered on moral understanding, let alone one that actually references philosophers like Kant and Kierkegaard, might seem like a buzzkill. But The Good Place is laugh-out-loud funny.

Bygone Badass Broads: 8 Forgotten Women Who Changed the World

Meet the suffragette who did jujitsu, the woman warriors who wore lipstick into battle and the queen who put women in their rightful places—positions of power.

On Editing Sister Love

I heard tell of the correspondence between Pat Parker and Audre Lorde before I sat down to have brunch with Martha Dunham.

Talkin’ About a Revolution: JP Howard on Raising Her Fist—and Queer Women’s Voices

“It is crucial, in fact necessary, to have literary spaces like Sinister Wisdom to raise our voices, lift our symbolic fists and say ‘We are here! We are not going anywhere. We refuse to be silenced.'”

Liberating Words: Is It Too Late For Me?

“be my own Woman?
put on high heels, high bun,
too high expectations.”

Liberating Words: Untitled (A Poem About Me)

“i am bored a house broom
i see blue mats wear a costume
and i build a fort prepare for my groom”

Visualizing Reproductive Justice Under Trump

The curators at A.I.R. Gallery centered their biennial CURRENTS exhibition this year on abortion—creating a safe space for what were once unspeakable stories to be shared at a pivotal time.

Liberating Words: Dandelion Puff

you girls
i just wanted to let you know you’re beautiful
i can’t believe your parents would let you out alone”

The Ms. Q&A: Akwaeke Emezi on Freshwaterand Finding Home

Ms. talked to Emezi about her commitment to Igbo ontology and truth-telling, metaphors versus alternate realities and her debut novel.

Liberating Words: Prey

“she should be glad to be
on train
knees together”

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