We Heart: Ariana Grande’s Feminist Anthem “God is a Woman”

In the subversive video for her song “God is a Woman,” the pop artist denounces patriarchy, celebrates female solidarity and revels in female sexuality.

Tully’s Terrifying Truth About Motherhood

“Tully” grounds anxiety around motherhood in a reality that we can’t leave behind when we walk out of a movie theater.

Q&A: Amber Tamblyn Takes On Rape Culture with Any Man

“Even if I am scared, or tired, or my whole body is tingling—you know, there’s work to be done.”

Sandra Oh’s Emmy Nomination is a Major Milestone for Asian Women

Oh just became the first Asian woman ever nominated for an Emmy in the category of best leading actress in a drama series.

Sexist and Racist Ads are Now Banned in Stockholm

A new ban on sexist and racist advertising in public spaces will go into effect this month after Stockholm’s city council voted to approve the measure in June. 

Ms. Muse Independence Day Special: Three Feminist Poets Take on the Border Crisis

This month’s special installment of Ms. Muse features new works by three feminist poets—Simone-Marie Feigenbaum, Jess Burnquist and Lisha Adela García—about the southern border and how the U.S. treats immigrants seeking to live and work in America—people risking their lives to save their lives.

The Ms. Q&A: Adam J. Kurtz on Feminism, Vulnerability and Staying Hopeful

Kurtz spoke with Ms. about the women who inspire his work and his activism, paying it forward as a white, cis gay man and how he remains hopeful in the midst of political turmoil.

Five Ways Men Can Fight Back When Women are Harassed Online

Just like we have the power to harass, we have the power to quash harassment, man-to-man.

The Lesbian Poets of Headmistress Press: Hilary Brown and Sarah Caulfield in Conversation

Two lesbian poets talk religion, grief and pain.

We Heart: Cameron Esposito’s Rape Jokes

Cameron Esposito is rewriting the rape joke.

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