Stories from the Witch Hunt

Handmaids. Witches. Comedians and musicians. These were not your standard #MeToo stories. This was The Witch Hunt, a variety show inspired by the #MeToo movement.

Die Jim Crow: Meet the Inmates Fighting Back Against Mass Incarceration With Music

The “Die Jim Crow EP Book” features the voices of former and current inmates speaking out against mass incarceration. B.L. Shirelle is one of those voices—and through the Die Jim Crow collective, she’s opening up about the racialized and gendered impacts of the prison-industrial complex.

We Heart: The New Video for Jennifer Hudson’s Feminist Anthem “I’ll Fight”

The video for Hudson’s song is a tribute to everyone who voted in the midterms and helped elect historic numbers of women to office—and it chronicles feminist trailblazers and the sisterhood who helped them win major victories for women’s rights.

The Ms. Q&A: Erin Bried Believes in Girls (and Feminist Media)

After working for almost 18 years as a writer and editor, Erin Bried decided to it was time to start a different kind of publication. Kazoo Magazine has been equipping girls to become feminist leaders ever since.

“Capernaum” Tells a Universal Story—But it’s Hard to Watch

Picks of the Week is Women and Hollywood’s newest resource. We are often asked for recommendations, so each week we’ll spotlight the women-driven and women-made projects—movies, series, VOD releases and more—that we’re most excited about. Sign up for the Women and Hollywood newsletter at to get each week’s pick delivered to your inbox. This Week’s Pick: […]

Ms. Muse: Liliya Yamkina’s Love Song

She longs for the snowy tundra, folk tales around the bonfire, her magic being needed. Isolated, she feels forgotten. But in her apartment, she keeps a notebook in a closet, and in that notebook, she writes love songs—love songs for the tundra.

Holiday Gift Guide: Feminist Workbooks, Journals and Handbooks Made for Marching On

These books will keep the feminists on your list busy and inspired in the new year—and may even help them change their communities and the world.

Holiday Gift Guide: Patriarchy-Smashing Children’s Books for Young Feminists

It’s never too early to start reading to kids, or to kick off a consciousness-raising session with them—and these feminist children’s books make it easier than ever to do both.

The Ms. Q&A: How Kimberly Dark is Untangling Herself from Patriarchy

“We’ve woven patriarchy through every aspect of our existence. There’s not just one weed to pull up by the root.”

Sisterhood, Herstory and Talking Circles: Inside Gloria’s Life

Stepping into Daryl Roth Theatre, just steps from Union Square, now feels like stepping into a feminist time machine.

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