“What Happened” in the 2016 Election is Part of Women’s History—And Hillary Deserves to Tell It

The fact that so many are comfortable denigrating that story at this juncture of women’s history proves that there are far bigger problems than a book tour ahead. What Happened is doomed to happen again—unless, this time, we listen.

8 Great Feminist YouTube Channels to Tune Into

In conjunction with presenting fact-based, statistical arguments, these activists ground their videos with intimate accounts of bigotry and inequality from their own experiences.

In “We Were Witches,” Feminism Triumphs Over Shame

Ariel Gore’s fantastical memoir “We Were Witches” tells the story of a teenage mother and aspiring writer surviving the throws of Bush-era conservatism.

Picturing Female Robots and Androids

Facsimile females have long reflected the changing cultural views of women. And in modern media, female robots endowed with advanced artificial intelligence want their freedom and autonomy.

Designing Away Discrimination

Research indicates that there is a solution to Silicon Valley’s sexism: Managers can design away discrimination in tech.

Facebook Still Has Far to Go

Facebook suspended the account of Iljeoma Oluo, Editor-at-Large of The Establishment, after she shared screenshots of the hateful messages she was receiving on the platform—but did not take action against her harassers.

Q&A: Laura Bates on Writing Girl Up and Building a Feminist Future

“I wanted to throw young women a lifeline… I needed more time to say ‘no, it isn’t normal, it really is bullshit and you shouldn’t have to put up with it and you’re not alone.'”

Inside Pussy Riot: Political Theatre for a New Era of Resistance

Pussy Riot hopes to create a performance that will mobilize their audience into action and protest against authoritative regimes across the world.

10 Summer Reads for Young Feminists

Young feminists looking to further their knowledge about the movement or yearning for an empowering story will find it in these books.

The Untold Story of a Feminist Legend: DOLORES Sheds New Light on an Activist Icon

A new, award-winning documentary finally tells the story of Dolores Huerta’s life-long fight for justice and equality.

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